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{class of ’20} Remington

Class of 2020. Wait, did I spell that right?! Every year when we capture seniors I have such a hard time believing how fast each year flies by. Our sessions are pretty grounded, just like Remington. We hit some of …

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WI senior photographer ~ Tori’s Al Ringling session

As you know, we do on location photography, that means we don’t shoot in a studio. We got a lot of diversity this way. There are some popular locations, ie. Devil’s Lake, so we love it when our seniors, or …

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WI senior portrait photographer ~ Emily, class of 2012

What I loved about Emily’s session is that she had a plan. Plus she has great fashion sense, I loved every outfit, and admit that I would love to dress as awesomely as she does. We met at Lake Redstone …

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WI Senior Portrait Photographer ~ callie, class of 2012

Callie and I met out at Devil’s Lake for her senior portraits. We had so much fun just wandering around, stopping at random spots and climbing up into the rocks and trees for some fun shots. Thanks, Callie for a …

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WI Senior Portrait Photographer ~ Alyssa, class of 2012

We met up with Alyssa and her mom one gorgeous summer evening for some amazing shots at Pewitt’s Nest just West of Baraboo. Alyssa’s mom is a beautician, so of course she looked amazing! Plus, she’s a gymnast with great …

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{class of 2012} wi senior photographer, grace

Grace found us through another senior session we had blogged about out at Durward’s Glen in Baraboo and wanted to do something similar. We, of course, were happy to oblige. We love heading out to Durward’s Glen, the area is …

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{class of 2011} baraboo senior photographer ~ cassie

These are from a session we did last summer with Cassie. She is super athletic and wanted to show off her great tan, I’ll admit that all I do is burn. 🙁 So we headed down by the Wisconsin River …

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{album thursday} Cassie’s senior accordian album

I can’t believe that I hadn’t taken more shots of Cassie’s super cute black linen accordian albums. These little guys are great for stuffing into your purse and showing family and friends. The 3×3 size is perfect to carry around. …

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{class of 2011} Baraboo Senior Portrait Photographer ~ Maddie

I believe that every senior deserves something different. So I always ask my seniors if there is a special location that they want to hit for their session, I love it when they tell me of someplace new, or have …

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Wisconsin senior portrait photographer ~ Bobbi, class of 2011

I find that seniors are always exciting to work with. There are so many changes and questions in life, and the whole world is spread out before them. It’s a time with more questions than answers. Bobbi is a girl …

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{wordless wednesday} the music man

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Baraboo Senior Photographer {class of 2010} Brock

Yeah, that title is right. Class of 2010. I’ll admit that I slacked a bit on blogging my seniors in 2009. I’d like to use my office manager as an excuse, we were just getting used to having her around …

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{class of 2011} amanda, baraboo high senior

Here are some of my favorite shots from Amanda’s senior session this past summer. We shot both her and a friend during the session, Rob took Cole because the silly boy wouldn’t stop smiling at me, and smiling goofily I …

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{class of 2011} joe, baraboo high school

It’s high time I starting sharing our Class of 2011 images, especially since this week is homecoming for this guy. As you can tell, Joe is big into sports. Rob and I had a blast with Joe, and even though …

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