Senior Sessions

This is an important time in your life, it’s the last year of high school before you reach adulthood. We want to capture what’s unique about you. If you’ve got hobbies, or you’re into sports, let us know and we will tailor your session to fit. We don’t want to shoot the same thing as your friends, we know you aren’t the same person they are, and we want your senior session to empower you!  Our senior sessions last up to two hours, bring plenty of clothes (we’ll help you pick if you can’t decide what to wear, so feel free to bring your whole closet), and be ready to have fun. We want your senior session to rock as much as you do!  Be sure to book your session early, as our calender tends to fill up pretty quickly!

Session Fee ~ $100.  Sessions are 2 hours and include as many locations as you’d like within 25 miles.

Print& Canvas pricing 2013

Prices are subject to change at any time.  Add 5.5% sales tax to all prices.

Here are a few of the questions that we hear all the time from our seniors:

What should I wear?!

It’s best to wear something that you are comfortable in, something that flatters your skin tone is best (Brie does not look good in yellow, so she tends to skip out on that, but green makes her eyes pop), so think of that while choosing colors for yourself. It’s always good to accessorize, the girls tend to have the best of this world with jewelry, makeup, longer hair, cardigans, but guys don’t think that this means you get left out, hats and jackets make great additions to your senior photos. Even though we tend to do about 3-5 different outfits during the sessions, bring several and we’ll help you go through and choose the perfect look for each location.


Where should we go?

Our favorite locations are places that you are familiar with and mean something to you and that you’ll enjoy going to. If you’re a bookworm and spend your weekends at the library, let’s go there and get some shots in the stacks. Now, with that being said, we have plenty of locations that we can choose from ourselves depending on what kind of setting you are looking for, whether it’s an urban shoot or something more rural. Our sessions last up to two hours, that means we can usually hit a couple different locations in that time.


Do you recommend bringing props?

Sure, let’s show off your class ring. Do you play an instrument? Bring your keyboard. Excel at sports? Wear your jersey, spin a basketball. Love to paint? Bring your canvases and we’ll use those as an awesome backdrop. These things are great additions to show off your hobbies and make your session unique, and isn’t that what your senior photos are all about?


What time should I schedule my session for?

We can shoot any time of the day, although our favorite time is a couple hours before sunset. We love to catch the sun as it turns golden and everything looks as if it’s been gilded with gold.


Can I bring a friend?

Sure, just as long as they aren’t distracting you from your session.


What do I need to do to schedule a session with you?

We require a signed contract and a minimum print order deposit to book your session, without either of these, the date is still available on our calendar.


How long after the session before I can view my proofs?

Proofs will be ready within two weeks of your photo session. We will meet at this time to go through your images and choose your prints.


Do you offer retouching?

We sure do. Your proofs will have basic color and exposure adjustments, but every image we print will be retouched, so don’t worry about that zit that popped up the morning of your shoot.


How long will it take to get my prints?

Your prints will be ready for pickup within three weeks from the paid ordering session.