Who are we? Robert and Brienne Griffin, although usually it’s just Rob and Brie, much easier to say. We are a husband and wife team that love to shoot together, bringing our own unique perspectives and approaches to photography and capturing emotions.

Why did we choose photography? It started out as a hobby, just something we did for fun, but then we realized how much we loved to see people’s reactions when they saw their final images. It’s not a job for us, it’s a passion, and when you are passionate about what you do, that emotion is brought out in your images and adds more depth to the final product. We want you to love your images as much as we do.

Where are we located? We live in Baraboo, Wisconsin. After going to college in the Twin Cities, we realized that it was the small town atmosphere that we really missed. In the big city there are so many people that you start to feel a little unknown, unlike a small town where life is more laid back and everyone knows one another.

What’s so special about us? Well, we shoot together, we love to create memories together. We often see the same subject with completely different ideas. Our goal is to capture real memories and show real stories through our images. We want to remind you of how you felt, laughed, loved at that singular moment frozen in time. We want you to have fun during your session and enjoy yourself, if you aren’t having fun it will show, so we like to get to know our clients before hand, getting us those natural unguarded moments that show your real self.

Want to get a hold of us? We are always ready to answer your questions, via phone at 608.434.5468 or email: brie[at]realphotographyrealpeople[dot]com