27 Days to Christmas

Sarah and Mike invited me into their home for one of our mini sessions. I loved being able to spend time with their family. Especially the mischievous little David with his bright blue eyes. He is going to have girls falling all over him, especially when he turns into “crazy David”, which may have been one of my favorite parts of the whole day. Mike, Sarah and David worked on decorating a gingerbread house, then there was the biggest puzzle I think I have ever seen and a flying penguin. So much fun.

I am loving lifestyle sessions. This is the way I want all our family sessions to go, none of that stiff posing, I want to capture the fun, the laughs, and the big family hugs.


silly little smirks in the kitchen

gingerbread making lifestyle photogrpahy session

details of the candy roof process daddy helping D

laughter around the kitchen table as the gingerbread house gets decorated.

wisconsin lifestyle photography.

silly little angry face, bright blue eyes.

lifesized puzzle spread across the floor and bare feet in the sun.

family hug full of love

penguins flying off the couch family portrait session.

mommy and D big hug time.

cheery smiles with the Santa hat.

hiding under the Santa hat family session photography.

If you love this, let’s schedule something for your own family!

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