this is life

It’s been a while since I posted anything about us. This is what’s going on. Right now. Jamie is in kindergarten and learning so much, she has been filling up notebooks, any that she can find, with her letters, words, I think I have spelled a couple of hundred words for her to write down. She also draws the cutest people, they have big ears and I love them.We decorated gingerbread cookies while Zoe napped after she got home from school on Wednesday and it was so much fun, although I had to let go of my perfectionist tendencies and let her do everything. She’s getting so big and she is so independent.

Zoe is finally able to play on the iPad, but only if Jamie doesn’t steal it away first, poor kid. Remember back to when you first had kids and you were all “my kids are never playing with my phone or iPad, it rots their brain!” It’s time to eat those words because sometimes that is the only thing that lets you have four minutes to yourself.

Last, but not least, Vi has figured out that she has feet. Big ones that are grabbable and ticklish. So even though she can’t stand to be on her back for too long, she loves to grab for her toes.

This is life. This is life with three tiny humans, hopefully we are doing it right.

Happy holidays everyone!


my little artist

decorating gingerbread cookies

cheesy little smiles

an almost smile from the swinging baby

four month old in her swing

baby smiling in her swing

Vi swinging along

the monster playing on the iPad

just watching a movie

the baby has found her feet.

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