{album thursday} Deb + Erik’s fabulous ONE

Today I’m showing off Deb and Erik’s gorgeous ONE, along with their matching parent clone books. Their wedding album is a beauty with the Armour cover, have I mentioned how much I love the metal cover?, and the fabulous Saturday Night Special. Don’t let this silver leather fool you, it feels soft and luscious, and this combo is gorgeous with a black and white print on the cover. I love that Finao uses eco friendly packaging that is super stylish. Along with their wedding album, Erik and Deb ordered parent books for, you guessed it, their parents as a first Christmas present. Aren’t they fabulous? They are thinner and easier to carry around than the ONE, which can get pretty hefty when you’ve got so many pages filled with the story of your wedding day. I shot a few images to show you the difference in size between the 12 inch ONE and the 10 inch parent books. The big difference is the printing process, the ONE has photos mounted to a thin board while the parent books are printed on paper. I think parent books are an awesome alternative to getting your parents their own album, these babies don’t come cheap.

Enjoy the album!


fabulous eco friendly wedding album packaging

Finao green card

mulberry leaves and ribbon wrapped around the album

side view of the wedding album

eco friendly packing of the ONE wedding album

metal cover and Saturday Night Special silver leather wedding album cover.

Armour cover on the luxurious Finao ONE wedding album.

Saturday Night Special leather wraparound cover on wedding album.

ceremony wedding album shot.

the first kiss full page spread open wide ONE.

wedding album design layout

details of the wedding day.

cake cutting album spread.

ONE open and lays flat

minimal cut in the center of the album design.

Wedding album with parent clone books.

size difference between the ONE and the parent Ravebooks.

10 inch parent books on top of 12 inch ONE.

album size differences between wedding album and parent books.

Cover of the parent books.

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