Birthday Girls

It’s hard to believe that today marks five years since Rob sped down to Sauk in the early hours and ten hours later we met the first love of our lives. Jamie now counts a full hand for her age. I can’t believe how fast the time flies. One minute they are giving you a toothless smile and the next they are telling you they have a boyfriend with three cars, shiny ones, too. 😉 (Said boyfriend has no name, so I’m pretty sure he’s fictitious, but I’m keeping an eye peeled just in case). Since the girls are my anniversary presents, we have a whole month of birthdays, that means one big party, full of homemade cupcakes, princess dresses, pink pony pinatas, and plenty of family and friends to celebrate. I love that everyone is so close in our family, it makes get togethers like this so much more fun. Enjoy the break from photo love while I share the happiness of my own little family, I swear I don’t get enough pictures of these little people, especially with either of us.


pink pony pinata just waiting to be demolished.

purple and hot pink birthday cupcakes homemade by pregnant mommy.

little girl just eyeing up the temptation of cupcakes.

birthday girls blowing out their candles.

Z taking aim at the birthday pinata.

M really excited to hit the pinata.

Z and he rangry push me face.

birthday girl on the swing.

happy birthday girl

my sly smiling Z

Z and her side smile, what a sly little thing

smiles from daddy and the birthday girl


birthday tickles.

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