Coty + Steve, June celebration

We are so happy to be able to share this celebration of love. I have known Coty since high school and was so super excited to be able to capture her wedding day, because she is such a wonderful person that you cannot help but have an amazing time. I know that we did, and just by the images we captured, I know  that the guests enjoyed the day as well. Friday dawned clear and bright with gorgeous clouds scudding across the sky, the weather was perfect for this outdoor reception. The ceremony was held at my favorite little church, and it’s not only because Rob and I got married at this little chapel ourselves. It was the perfect location for such an intimate gathering of family and friends.

You can just feel the love that everyone has for Coty and Steve,  you can see it in their faces and smiles. Just looking back on these photos makes me smile and even brings a tear to my eye, I know Steve and Coty are perfect for one another and so incredibly happy.

I swear I’m going to tear up if I keep typing, so I’m leaving you with my faves, of course. I hope you love these as much as I do.


Country Bluff wedding chapel outside of Baraboo Wisconsin.

Cross rising above the chapel amid the flowing clouds.

the ringbearer just chilling before the wedding festivities begin.

the mother of the bride fixing her daughter's hair.

Coty and her mom laughing in the bathroom before they get ready.

handsome groom getting his tie tied on.

the maid of honor adjusting her oh so cute pill box hat.

touching image of the ringbearer and his grandmother

long sleeved gloves to cover the bride's arms.

moments caught in time as the bride smiles at her son.

Coty laughing in the basement of the chapel.

the father of the bride giving her away to her loving groom

wedding chapel sanctuary.

the couple's first prayer as a family at the front of the church

congratulations as the couple walk down the aisle

black and white portrait of the bridal couple

laughter and talking in the reception line after the wedding ceremony

hugs with in-laws.

wheat on the groom's lapel.

the first family portrait.

strong groom and strong ringbearer

the ringbearer playing the piano in the church

creative diy wheat bouquet for the June wedding.

Oak tree embracing the newly married couple

Coty jumping into Steve's arms and showing their love

parody of American Gothic for the farming bride and groom

hugs and love in a lovely field of grass

milk and forks at teh beginning of the buffet table

vintage birds and creative ring shot.

the bride meeting old friends at the reception

a guest laughing hilariously at the reception.

boys playing in the grass

Baraboo Tent and Awning tent in the backyard.

beautiful sunset lit bridal portrait

foreheads together before the corn field

happy newly married couple

to have and to hold

beautiful sunset to end the wedding day


Ceremony: Country Bluff Wedding Chapel
Tent: Tents & Events

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  1. Her outfit is awesome! I love the glasses and hat too. Looks so 1960s.

  2. Great couple and fabulous wedding photography! Love all the natural moments you captured.

  3. Great work, you capturing thier day beautifully.

  4. brett

    nice work! that shot of the woman laughing made me lol myself. haha

  5. What a sweet wedding and couple! I love the sunset portraits!

  6. Portraits taken outside are great!

  7. Love how well you captured their emotions!

  8. That woman laughing is the best ever. Good job capturing it all!


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