WI Wedding photographer, Megan + David, Glacier Canyon Lodge

You know when you meet somebody and you totally hit it off? That’s what it was like when we first met with Megan and David. It may just be a Jeep thing, but these two are so cute, goofy and lovable together that you can’t help but enjoy being in their company. I swear that 2013 was the year of rainy weddings, which means we have so many blessed couples because I have heard that rain on your wedding day is good luck. So Megan and David, may it pour down on you just like it did on the wedding day!

Megan and David got married at the fabulous St. Joseph’s Catholic church in Baraboo, have I mentioned only a million times how beautiful it is inside? No, let me tell you it is gorgeous. We even did a few quick shots before the ceremony of a non-first look, more like a first touch without being able to see each other, Megan on one side of the door and David on the other, in the misting rain. Thank you both for being so awesome! I love those shots.

After the ceremony, we did some quick formals in the church and then headed over to Broadway Diner for milkshakes. Yes, that is correct, milkshakes. Fabulously tasty salted caramel, chocolate, vanilla or strawberry, there were no bad choices and we got some cute shots of the newly married couple. Rob even got to go behind the counter, just for pictures, no cooking. 😉 After the milkshakes, it was pouring, so we didn’t take the whole bridal party out for some pictures, but we did manage to get David and Megan in to the Jeep (sorry about the tight squeeze, David!) and we went out onto the old wooden bridge at Lower Ochsner’s park, those are some of my all time favorite bridal portraits. I’ll admit that I could barely see a thing through all the rain that had accumulated on my glasses, but we got some amazing pictures of an equally amazing couple.

We had a little time to kill before hitting Glacier Canyon Lodge for the reception. Megan’s mom did a ton of planning and had a fabulous photo booth waiting for people to take some silly shots, we even took a few of our own. There was a kid table which is the best idea ever. Seriously, I think the kids at this wedding had just as much fun as the adults, plus they had their own little buffet, I love that! There were so many fabulous details, and the whole night was a blast. It even ended with milk and cookies. Now that is how a wedding should end, although any night ending with milk and cookies is a good night in my book.


St. Joseph's Catholic church in downtown Baraboo on a rainy Saturday.

The bride's amazing blue and white polka dotted shoes that were picked out by the groom.

The groom getting his boutonnier pinned on from his mom, flowers from Amber Moon in Baraboo.

Just a door blocking the bride and groom from one another before the ceremony.

Megan holding David's hand against the church's thick wooden door.

the bridal party in front of the sanctuary at St. Joe's in Baraboo.

Wide angle view inside the gorgeous catholic church in Baraboo.

Megan's expression is perfect as she looks at her groom.

bride and groom exchanging their rings in front of family and friends.

Jesus looking down from the altar at the bride and groom.

love this bouquet by Amber Moon as the bride leans into the groom.

the bride wrote her own wedding music.

newly married and sipping milkshakes at Broadway Diner in downtown Baraboo.

full view of the bride's dress as we stop for milkshakes.

Broadway Diner delicious milkshakes for the bride and groom and the entire bridal party.

kissing in the rain under a black umbrella in wedding attire.

Lower Ochsner's bridge in the rain with the bride and groom.

bridal portraits in the pouring rain on an old wooden bridge.

Milwaukee ironworks bridge bridal portraits.

Jeep wedding cake, groom's version

Glacier Canyon Lodge Wis Dells purple and orange table setup.

the couple checking out their amazing cake, surprise groom cake.

Treasure for the kid's table

bride and groom laughing and chatting up their guests

Amber Moon bridal bouquet with glitter and lilies

creative wedding ring photo

Disney/Pixar Up! theme wedding favor, leave your thumbprints.

hilariously fun photo booth picture at the reception

the bridesmaids getting in on some photobooth action with props and hats

creative cake cutting image

the wedding cake attacked by bride and groom


creative kids on the dance floor wedding reception glacier canyon lodge

Megan and David's first dance as husband and wife.

emotional wedding dance photo

the bride looking up to her groom

little girl looking up at the beautiful couple

Megan and her dad cutting it up on the dance floor.

emotional father daughter dance photo

mother son dance

wedding guests laughing and twirling on the dance floor

how low can you go?

YMCA and the groom looking a little goofy

leg swinging, music blaring, awesome reception

intimate couple portrait during the reception.

kids sliding across the dance floor.

milk and cookies to finish off the reception

creative bridal portraits on the Wilderness couch

arms holding one another


ceremony: St. Joseph’s, Baraboo
reception: Glacier Canyon Lodge
florist: Amber Moon
milkshakes: Broadway Diner
DJ: Juke Box Bandstand

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