WI wedding photographer, Tim + Rachel’s summer barn wedding

I think Tim and Rachel chose a gorgeous day for their wedding. Barring the torrential rain, we had an amazing time. I am also so very happy that the rain waited until after the ceremony before pouring down on us. I swear it came down like buckets. Now, on to the fun.

Tim and Rachel got married at Rachel’s parent’s farm, in their old barn.  I do love barns, but this one was, well, missing some pieces. I’ll admit I was expecting something wooden, and well, red, when I showed up. Like a roof, which was fabulous because there were trees growing where the gutters used to be and the whole ceremony was like it was in a magical room, a la Narnia. I think this was the most peaceful wedding I have ever had the chance of capturing. It was amazing, all the windows and doors were gone, just these great openings that let in all the fresh air, it definitely made for some awesome second shooter locations.

The reception was rocking. While it started pouring during dinner and the toasts, everyone under the huge white tent for the reception was nice and dry. I’ll admit it did start to get wetter as the night went on, but I think that only added to the fun. Plus, Rachel wore two dresses! Not at once, of course, but she had her gorgeous long wedding gown for the ceremony and then half way through the reception slipped into something a little shorter and sassier. I love that. I also love that the wedding guests were wild on the dance floor, it’s so much fun when you can feel the energy from everyone dancing just pulsing through the room.

Anyway, enough chatter, check out Tim and Rachel’s fabulous barn wedding.


Rachel and her sister putting on her wedding day finery.

the wedding gown getting all buttoned up.

a little lady laughter before the ceremony

the bride and her father getting ready to walk down the aisle

rear view of Rachel and her parents as they walk down the aisle to meet Tim


the beautiful bride and her father hugging as he gives her away

I feel that this next shot completely embodies the day. I love the umbrella in the corner, sticks out like a sore thumb, right? It adds the right amount of drama for me, because while the day was perfect for the ceremony, we got completely soaked during the reception.

view of the ceremony complete with umbrella in case of rain

Rachel and Tim holding hands before friends and family

Wedding ceremony inside a fallen down barn

the oh so happy couple

the bride's bouquet awaiting her return

deliciously tasty wedding cake with flowers on top

the bridal party climbing in trees

the bride and groom with the remains of the fallen barn

kiss me you fool

the wedding party peeking out of the windows that remain of the dilapidated barn

Rachel's gorgeous dress and train.

creative wedding ring shot, rings hung on old wire

reception tent in full blown reception

the maid of honor's speech with pouring rain behind her

Rachel dancing with her dad.






broom dancing at the reception

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