{WI wedding photographer} Nathan + Lauren’s autumn wedding

Good morning lovely blog readers, and yes it is an awesome morning because WordPress just got so much easier and it only took me fifteen minutes to upload these pictures versus the two hours it usually takes!! Woot, woot! I’m doing a happy dance because I have a very limited amount of time while the office manager is occupied and her assistant naps and things just got faster. Okay, enough about me, I’ve got a wedding for you!!

I’m a little, er lot, late on the upkeep here for Nathan and Lauren’s wedding. They got married on a gorgeous September day at St. Joe’s in Baraboo. Have I mentioned lately how gorgeous that church is? (Sometimes people use words like gorgeous too much, but it’s true, and I’m going to keep using it). They had one of the best bridal parties, they mostly listened to us 😉 and we got amazing pictures of everyone. We are only here to capture the fun and the emotion people, so show us the love. After the ceremony, we went out to a family friend’s house and did a little off roading to the perfect grassy field with a shot of the Baraboo bluffs and then we headed downtown to Monks where the entire bridal party ended up behind the bar (note here: you need to have friends in high places for things like this). After all that fun, we headed west to Rock Springs for a night of laughter and crazy dancing at the Rock Springs Community Center.

Here are a few, or a lot, of my favorites of the day. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

St. Joseph Catholic church in Baraboo, WI.

The groom getting his boutoniere pinned on by his father

wedding gown hanging from a paper birch


the bride in front of the church's wooden doors

the groom's first look of his bride





the sanctuary at St. Joseph's Catholic church in Baraboo with the entire wedding party




love the flower girls giggling during the ceremony

walking down the aisle as husband and wife

bride and groom kissing at the altar

the bridal party in front of the red wall

under a tree

Baraboo bluffs behind the newly married couple

the bride and groom in a field of grass with the blue sky above them

lauren with the sun behind her look all gorgeous

nathan in a field of grass

the bridal party hanging out at Monks in Baraboo

Rock Springs community center in Rock Springs, wi

detail shot of the bride and groom before they were married



the best man's speech

the maid of honor's speech

yellow and green with white icing wedding cake

nathan and lauren cutting the cake

green apple, dried flowers and the wedding rings.

cakey kiss by the bride and groom

the best man at the wedding doing the worm on the wooden dance floor


the groomsmen playing leapfrog on the dance floor

lauren and nathan's first dance

bride dancing with a man in a giant sombrero


the dance floor in full swing.

Rock Springs community center all decked out with hanging lights and the bride and groom

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  1. Gotta love the worm! Nice photos, the ring on the apple was a nice touch.

  2. You gotta love a crazy dance floor! Awesome!

  3. They look so completely happy in that last photo. <3 Love is so awesome!


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