{engaged} steve + coty, baraboo

I had the privilege last month of meeting Steve and Coty at their house, which is so cute and put together that I am completely jealous!, for their engagement session. I have known Coty since high school and I knew we would have a blast. Steve was a new element, and he is so perfect for Coty, and then to find out that we know plenty of the same people. I am always amazing by how small our world really is. Anyways, enough about me. Coty and Steve have such a great connection and a wonderful family already and I am so happy that I could capture these moments. I am going to leave you with just a few of my favorites, I know it’s so hard to narrow down what to put up on the blog, but these capture what love is, and the happiness that these two have for each other and their family together.


black and white shot of the engaged couple looking at each other.

love the sun gilding their arms as they hold hands.

Steve nibbling Coty's neck.

Coty looking up at Steve with their field behind them.

the whole family sitting under their tree in the backyard.

the engaged couple sitting under a tree in their backyard.

steve and coty looking up at the camera.

coty laughing at the camera while steve smiles.

nuzzling and kissing on the truck.

steve and coty laying on the grass looking at one another.

engaged couple laying on the grass while her son plays in the background.

playing with mom.

laughing and rolling around on the ground during the engagement session.

racing around the trees.

love the light coming from behind them.

smiling and laughing at their photographer.

close up shot of the gorgeous engagement ring.

kissing in the sun.

smiling up at each other.

coty laughing while holding steve.

hugging, holding and laughing.

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