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Finao ONE packaging

I’ve already gone over why we include an album with our wedding collections. Today I want to go over the process.

Each of our wedding collections includes an album, it’s going to be your family heirloom. Our Premium collection includes a 10 inch album with 26 pages. Let me start out by saying that I do not design just 26 pages. I can’t, I have tried, but the story will not flow. This is a great starter package, but you will end up buying more album spreads at the album consultation. Now, a ten inch album is a pretty decent size, our largest is a twelve inch, yes we only do square albums and love them. I haven’t had a complaint yet. I tend to design between 36 and 54 pages on average, I know it’s a huge average, but I try, I really do try, to keep the Premium collections down to save costs. There are some weddings where the story is very simple and other weddings that have a much more complex story. That’s what we do, we tell a story with the album. The story of your love for one another, and that’s why it’s hard to limit pages.

We have done different things in the past, had our clients choose the images, but we found that the story wasn’t very smooth, the images didn’t flow together as well as when we chose the images. So now, we do a predesign of the wedding day and show it at the album consultation. We want the story to flow smoothly, one spread should flow into the next, it’s how we design. We feel our albums are clean and classic and are going to be around for years, your kids will love looking through your album. The hard part for our clients at the album consult is to a. narrow down which spreads to cut out if they can’t afford to keep them all and b. choosing the cover.

We have a wonderful array of leathers, silk brocades, linens and photowrap covers that sometimes choosing the cover seems like a monumental chore. (Okay, maybe I’m just overwhelmed whenever I’m doing another sample album). We try to weed out the textiles that don’t fit with your wedding and find that our taste is pretty good, for the most part, some couples really surprise us with their choice.

So, the album consult happens about a month to a month and a half after the wedding. We meet up, walk through the album design, make any cuts at that time and choose the cover material. After that, we double check any images that need editing and send the files out to be made into the most awesome album ever. No really, the albums are awesome. It takes about 6-8 weeks to get the album back, everything is made by hand, and then the album is placed in your hands. I will admit, I love the smell of new albums and want to keep every one of them, but Rob says I have to give them to their owners. 😉 In a nutshell, that’s it.

Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll answer them here.

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