{engaged} Chris + Lianna’s Milwaukee session

Hello lovely blog readers! Today I am sharing an amazing engagement session (yeah, giving myself a big head today), but Rob and I had so much fun with Chris and Lianna in Milwaukee. They took us to some of their favorite places, plus we got to shoot their gorgeous puppy. I love going somewhere that means a little something to our couples. It makes the session so much more fun! I took way too many pictures (of course!), but got a ton that I absolutely love, so here goes my friends. Our second trip to Milwaukee for an engagement session and what a blast it was!

I am super jealous that I don’t live in an old warehouse, seriously, fabulous digs and so close to MIAD, I had thought about going there, but went to Minneapolis instead. Oh, the memories. Anyways, enough about me, check out this fabulous couple and their love for one another, because I think it totally shows in the pictures!

black and white of Lianna looking over Chris's shoulder.

Chris, Lianna and Winston going for a little stroll.

The engaged couple kissing under the bridge.

the beautiful bride to be smiling while her fiance nuzzles her cheek.

black and white of the couple swinging.

Chris and Lianna just about to kiss on the swingset.

black and white of the groom to be spinning his fiance.

the engaged couple on the road in front of the old Pabst brewery.

black and white shot of the couple standing in front of the Pabst brewery sign.

couple in love leaning in for a kiss.

gorgeous brick doorway where the couple are leaning in to each other.

snapshot of the couple giggling and cuddling together.

Chris and Lianna hiding among the tall grasses in front of the Milwaukee Public Market.

Lianna leaning on Chris's shoulder.

Nuzzling in front of the river and ferry boat.

Tickling Lianna's neck.

the engaged couple in front of the river.

black and white shot of the couple nose to nose.

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  1. great work, love the bridge shots.


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