{album thursday} the why’s

Finao's gorgeous leather swatches laid out together.

I wanted to write a post on why we include an album with each of our wedding collections. I mean, sure you could design your own through Snapfish or Blurb or whatever, but will you? How much extra time do you have just laying around? Probably as much as I have. Rob and I have been married for seven years now and we still don’t have an album. Our photographer shot on film, she was very traditional and she was a friend, so we thought it was awesome. We got all the film and a 4×6 print of each shot. Guess where they are all at. The film hasn’t been touched and the 4×6’s are still in the proof albums that were given to us.

Well, we would totally do things different if we did it over again. I would love to have an album to show off, but I’m not really a fan of the matted albums, I think they look a little too old fashioned. With that being said, when we went searching for our own album suppliers, we wanted something different, something awesome that would totally kick some ass. We found such a company. Our albums are not your parent’s albums, they are sleek and luscious and the images can stretch across two pages. Awesomesauce!

If you’ve been checking us out, you know we include an album with each of our wedding collections. Why? Because we want you to have an amazing family heirloom that your kids are going to pick up and look at for years to come, wondering why daddy was hiding, or who that funny dressed fellow in the orange chair was (okay, maybe not everyone has parents with an album like that, but you get the idea). We want you to show off your album to your family and friends, and we believe that our albums are everything you could desire. We have so many options to choose from that finding the perfect album is a snap. There are tons of leather choices, plus vegetarian options and, if you’re feeling really gutsy, you could put a picture from the wedding day on the front. We’ve got the perfect album to showcase your wedding day, and that’s what we strive to do, show the story of your love in your album. When we are shooting during the day, we are capturing the story and already I can picture in my head how the pages will lay in the album. It’s important for us that each of our clients has a tangible piece of art from their wedding day, yes, you get the disc of images, but if you are anything like us, they’ll still be on the disc, or on the computer, when your parents ask to see some pictures.

So that, my friends, is why we include an album with each of our wedding collections.

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