Happy Thanksgiving 2012!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! I can’t believe that the holidays are already here! It seems like it was just Halloween, my favorite holiday, and now here we are at Thanksgiving.

Rob and I have so much to be thankful for. We have two wonderful girls, an amazing close family and so many awesome clients that allow us to share their lives with us. We’re spending the day with family, Zoe’s first Thanksgiving will be filled with people doting on her and most likely offering her little tidbits that she shouldn’t be eating quite yet, Jamie will be stealing sweets and refusing to eat her vegetables while dressed as our own little princess, and Rob and I will be enjoying every moment of it. We are so blessed, I hope everyone else is feeling this overwhelming feeling of love and thankfulness, I feel like I’m overflowing with so much goodness.

Enjoy your day, eat plenty, laugh a lot, be merry and may your lives be bursting with love!

Here are a couple shots of what I am most thankful for, I love the smiles. I especially love Jamie’s fake smile, she is my little silly goose.

our gorgeous girls

so thankfu for these two

Jamie, Zoe and Cow.

Zoe with her headband on.

Jamie giving her funny smile.

Jamie giving me her real smile.

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