{engaged} mandy + strashe’s baraboo session

Mandy and Strash met up with us on one of the most gorgeous days this past month. The light was gorgeous (you’ll notice my love of flare), the colors were amazing and we had two totally awesome people to photograph. It may have started a bit stiff (who isn’t nervous when they have a huge camera and lens pointed at them?), but we soon broke the ice and got a ton of great shots.

Mandy had gotten her hair done and it looked amazing, plus she has the best fashion sense, and Strash was pretty great, too. He has a wickedly awesome accent, have I mentioned that I love accents? Well, I do. Give me someone with an accent and I could just listen to them all day, it doesn’t even matter what they are saying. I hear they don’t like to smile in Macedonia where Strash is from, but I got some smiles out of him, Mandy, we’ll get even more at the wedding!

So, check out my faves! Leave me some blog love (unless you’re the spammers that I continue to delete daily) because I love to hear what you’ve got to say!

engaged couple hand in hand walking across the wooden bridge at lower Ochsner's Park in Baraboo.

Mandy and Strash looking into each other's eyes on the bridge.

groom to be in focus while his fiance is smiling in the background.

Mandy in focus with Strash out of focus in the foreground.

black and white shot of Strash leaning in to kiss Mandy while she leans up against a tree next to the river.

Engaged couple kissing with the Baraboo river flowing behind them as they lean up against a tree.

Mandy laying on a park bench looking up at Strash as he holds her hand.

Baraboo Wisconsin engagement and wedding photographer's Griffin Photography.

Ray Ban sunglasses with the reflection of the couple holding one another.

The engagement ring as Mandy smiles up at Strashe's face.

sun flare shining across the frame as Mandy and Strashe look into one another's eyes.

the angry European and his fiance.

the engaged couple sitting on the railroad tracks and smiling up at the camera at Devil's lake North Shore.

Mandy and Strashe sitting on the railroad tracks looking at one another.

Engaged clients sitting on a large rock out in Devil's Lake, Baraboo.

Mandy and Strash smiling at each other on the rocks.

Tumbled rocks trail at Devil's lake with Mandy and Strash for the engagement session.

Mandy and Strash sitting on the grass looking at the camera while the sun lights them up.

Kissing with the sun flaring around them.

Smiling and laughing during the engagement session.

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