{engaged} josh + jen’s portage session

We met up with Josh and Jen and the kids on a perfectly gorgeous autumn afternoon a little over a month ago, I know I’m behind. The light was gorgeous as we captured the love of this soon to be new family. Josh and Jen are so cute together that capturing their love for each other was a breeze, they definitely made my job easy. Just check out the shots, these are my faves.

lovely family sitting on a boulder at Pauquette park in Portage.

Close up of the ring on Jenny's hand.

I couldn’t help but use the giant weeping willow to my advantage, I love this series.

Engaged couple among the falling leaves of a weeping willow tree.

black and white of the couple among the weeping willow leaves.

Jen's gorgeous eyes looking at the photographer.

the happy family sitting under the willow tree next to the pond.

Josh leaning against the willow tree with Jen leaning into him.

the couple holding hands with the sun shining down.

black and white of the couple holding hands.

And then after I told them we were done, I changed my mind and had Josh and Jen take a seat and nuzzle. Deep breath. I absolutely love these ones! Take a look at the last shot, it’s my fave from the whole session!

Josh nuzzling Jen's ear.

Jen smiling up at the camera as they hug on the ground.

Josh nuzzling Jen as she giggles.

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