WI wedding photographer ~ Corwin + Stephanie’s fabulously fun backyard wedding

Corwin and Stephanie’s wedding was one of my absolute favorites. There was so much love and laughter that you couldn’t help but enjoy the day. Everything was pretty much handmade, Corwin’s parents were working on decorating the cake and the kitchen smelled amazing, it could be that I love sugar anyways, but that was so awesome! A big white tent filled the backyard, Rob and I loved looking at all the pictures of Stephanie and Corwin as they were growing up, plus the little welcoming gnome was a favorite, who doesn’t like gnomes?

The girls were getting their hair done upstairs and Stephanie showed me the super awesome blue veil that she made from a loofah and beaded. The girl has mad skills, she also sewed the guys vests, added a cute colorful trim to the girl’s dresses and made flowers for her hair and shoes, how awesome is that? Plus, everyone that could helped to make origami flowers and cranes, I loved all the handmade touches, I think it really shows when a couple does so much themselves.

The backyard wedding was perfect, and then we hit the circus. Yes, I did type that correctly, the Circus! Where we got pictures by the colorful wagons, and had the bride and groom ride Tiny, who really is not tiny, the elephant.

And after that, we returned to the reception where dinner was all made by family and friends, and it was delicious. The cake was cut, equally delicious, and the dancing began. There were origami cranes, fairy lights, paper lanterns and little metal lanterns hanging from the ceiling of the tent and everywhere you looked was something that Corwin or Stephanie had made to celebrate the day.

It was so much fun, and I hope you all enjoy the little glimpses that I’m showing. It was so hard to narrow these images down, I really just wanted to put up every single picture we took, but that would be one ginormous post, so here ya go!

happy little gnome welcoming guests to Corwin and Stephanie's wedding, pictures of them as children hanging from the tent.

blue veil handmade from a loofah with the wedding dress hanging in front of the bedroom window.

the groom getting his vest and tie arranged for the wedding.

the groomsmen down an alley off the square in Baraboo, looking like a band.

the groom smiling up at the camera and leaning on a pole behind the Al Ringling theatre.

giant balloons and vintage trikes marking the aisle for the bride and groom to walk down.

the groom's family watching the ceremony.

the bride's father wiping a tear out of his eye.

beautiful backyard wedding ceremony in Baraboo Wisconsin.

the bride and groom's first kiss as mr. and mrs.

Stephanie and Corwin holding each other in front of giant bells at the circus world museum.

the bride and groom kissing in the doorway of a red circus traincar that was once used for advertising the circus.

the entire bridal party with their blue dresses and colorful shoes in front of the Cole Bros' circus wagon.

Corwin and Stephanie sporting giant blue and yellow balloons at the circus in Baraboo.

the bride and groom riding Tiny the elephant at the Circus World Museum.

wedding couple kissing on the carousel.

colorful yellow and blue wedding shoes with handmade flowers.

the bride and groom walking across the bridge back to the Circus museum with their giant balloons.

Stephanie, the beautiful bride, in front of the orange and red circus building.

wedding bands on the head of a cute little wooden gnome.

the best man giving a speech to the bride and groom at the reception, under the white tent in the backyard.

"Love lights up the world" on the fortune from the fortune cookie with the bride's wedding band on top.

the bride showing off her hula hooping skills.

little volkswagon die cast cars as the wedding cake toppers with cupcakes in the background.

the bride and groom after eating the delicious wedding cake.

the couple kissing underneath a bubble maker in the backyard.

origami cranes, japanese paper lanterns, fairy lights and little metal cans hanging from the ceiling of the reception tent.

Bottles of wine sporting origami flowers on top of old records, wooden gnomes, bubbles and fortune cookies as the centerpieces.

the bride and groom holding close during their first dance.

the groom and one of his groomsmen dancing while the bride giggles in the background.

Corwin and his mom dancing at the reception.

the bride being dipped by her groom on the dance floor.

the bride and grom dancing close to one another.

the bride and groom smiling and slowdancing at the end of the reception.

the receptin tent lit up in the backyard.

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  1. A backyard with elephants? Who would have thought! nice photos.


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