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I realized after having Zoe that I don’t take nearly enough pictures for myself. It’s sad, I have tons of pictures of other people’s lives, but hardly any of my own family. It’s the case of the cobbler’s children not having any shoes. So, when I found out that one of the online forums that I frequent was doing a blog circle, I jumped in. Okay, so I may have missed out on the first two months 🙁 but I blame that on the fact that we had Zoe and then our schedules were filled to bursting with weddings, engagements and senior sessions, so here I am. Late to the party as usual. This month’s theme is a color. Any color. How do I choose? I love them all. At first, I thought I’d go with pink, since having two girls now means that I find pink everywhere, I swear that the whole laundry is pink. Too bad for Rob. 😉 Then, I thought, no I’ll do green since it’s my favorite color, but then I saw yellow, and the Maple out front has already started turning red, so red.

Let me tell you that this went on for a while until I decided to go back to green. I thought I’d share a bit of Jamie in these.

My big girl loves hair things, clips, barettes, headbands, you name it, I’ll find it hidden away someplace when I’m cleaning. At least this little guy is adorable.

Princess frog hair piece surrounded by hot pink plastic jewelry.

This little ducky was made by a friend and such a surprise when we received it in the mail. Jamie loves this little ducky.

Lime green fleece ducky on a red child sized rocking chair.

I can’t get her out of these green crocs, although if you ask, sometimes they are red. Poor kid gets her red and green mixed up.

Green crocs on the floor next to the child sized kitchen.

Soft green monkey storybook.

And here is Cow, snuggling with Jamie’s blanket. She sleeps with this one every night, and Lord help us when he gets forgotten at Gramma and Papa’s house, that means a quick before bedtime trip across town to bring Cow back.

Cow napping under Jamie's soft green blanket.

I hope you enjoyed my first post in the Blog Circle, now keep going with Aspect Arts Photography – Lisa Novakowski, and eventually you’ll wind back here with me again. Hopefully this will become a regular thing!

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  1. Welcome to the party! I love the picture of the crocs 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you next month.

  2. I love the green color you selected and how you contrasted the color to stand out with others! My favorite is the cow photo (I love the crocs too!)

  3. Great use of color, and your images really pop! I too love the crocs, and the cow. My youngest had a similar sized favorite, and he still laments the loss of that stuffie… he’s 10.


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