{engaged} jason + amanda’s lakeside park session, fond du lac

It was the perfect day for a drive. Blue skies, the temperature was in the eighties so we took the top off the Jeep and drove over to Fond du Lac for Jason and Amanda’s engagement session.

Once we found Lakeside Park (don’t always believe the GPS, my friend) we were in for a treat. There were so many great locations, like the lighthouse where we started out. The wind added a little love to Amanda’s hair, which was awesome! Poor Amanda had broken her foot just a couple weeks before, so we didn’t want to do a ton of walking and strain anything, but we found this perfect little bench across a pond, a gorgeous fountain and a covered bridge. We had such a blast and we know that the wedding is going to be just as awesome!

Check out the shots below, this first is one of my favorites.

Jason nuzzling Amanda's neck as she giggles.

Couple kissing with the lighthouse in the background and the wind whipping her hair around.

Couple posing with motorcycle in front of the lake.

Jason and Amanda sitting on the bench across the pond.

Couple leaning into each other on the park bench looking out across the pond.

Amanda smiling while her fiance nuzzles her hair and whispers little secrets in her ear.

Jason kissing Amanda's temple in front of the fountain.

The couple laughing while the sun filters down on them between the tree leaves.

Jason and Amanda nose to nose while leaning against a tree.

Jason giving Amanda a piggy back ride, both looking at the camera.

The couple during a piggy back ride, looking at each other and smiling.

Close up shot of Amanda's engagement ring.

The couple at the end of the covered bridge, looking at each other.

the engaged couple looking at each other and smiling.

Amanda hugging Jason and loking at the camera.

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