WI wedding photographer ~ Scott + Harmony’s intimate Devil’s Lake ceremony

There is nothing better than capturing the love between two people.

Scott and Harmony had a beautifully intimate ceremony out at Devil’s Lake’s South shore. The bridesmaid’s red dresses were the perfect backdrop to the changing colors. We even got to hit Scott and Harmony’s home for some great shots in the field next to their house. The two of them were so perfect with each other, definitely makes our job easier. 😉

We ended the night in Merrimac for the reception and an awesome dance. Check it out yourself!

Bride's hands in her lap as she gets her hair done.

bride and mother praying as her bff waits around the corner.

Harmony applying blush to her cheeks while looking in the mirror.

maid of honor looking at the bride as she gets ready.

the bride applying her perfume in the hotel room before the ceremony.

Harmony on the stairs at the Wyndham resort in Wisconsin Dells.

The beautiful bride before the ceremony with a scarf wrapped around her shoulders for warmth.

wide angle of the wedding ceremony in the pavilion at Devil's Lake state park, Baraboo Wisconsin.

Scott and Harmony's first kiss as husband and wife.

Harmony swinging her dress around while her niece laughs at her.

bride and groom on the grass covered lawn at the South Shore, Devil's Lake.

black and white shot of the groom and groomsmen walking down the railroad tracks.

Photograph of the entire wedding party on the railroad tracks.

Harmony looking at Scott with the lake in the background.

bride and groom laughing with Devil's Lake in the background.

black and white shot at the couple's home between two tall trees.

Scott nuzzling Harmony's neck with wheat fields behind them.

Groom kissing his bride's neck along a back country road.

bride and groom hugging in the center of the wheat field.

Scott and Harmony looking at the camera in the center of the wheat field with bluffs behind them in the background with fall colors.

the beautiful bride giving her new husband the eye.

cream wedding cake with chocolate flowers.

Autumn centerpieces on the tables at the reception.

the groom kissing his new niece as she giggles at the reception.

laughter from children at the reception and dance.

wedding guest dancing with red light on him.

bride and groom dancing at the reception.

little girls dancing and laughing at the wedding reception in Merrimac.

boy dancing with crazy lighting from the dj.

the groom dancing in a circle with the bridesmaid's and niece.

boy in mid air jump at the wedding dance.

bride and groom dancing at the reception.

Scott and Harmony's first dance as husband and wife.

little girl being dipped on the dance floor with her hair flying.

bride and bridesmaids dancing in a circle on the dance floor.

bride and groom smiling at one another on the dance floor.

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  1. That reception looks like it was such a fun party. 🙂

  2. Love the portraits in the field!

  3. Lovely moments you’ve captured!

  4. Max

    Awesome Bride and Groom session!!

  5. like shot of the converging lines of the stairs to the bride

  6. She is absolutely stunning. <3


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