{engaged} monica + shaun’s chill devil’s lake session

Monica and Shaun met us at Devil’s Lake for their engagement session last fall (yes, I am very very behind on blogging, but I’m getting better!). We always start easy, “hold her hand and walk away. Walk happy!” Easy, right? And then we chat and walk, stop and do a little shooting, and then walk and talk some more. It’s a lot of fun for us getting to know our awesome clients, I hope they have fun, too.

So, here are a few of my favorites from the day. Enjoy!

Trees towering above the couple as they walk down the leaf strewn path.

The sun shining through the branches casting long shadows across the grass as the couple looks at the camera.

Engaged couple kisses as the sun flares around them.

Gorgeous sun flares light up the couple as they hold each other at Devil's Lake State Park.

Couple sits on the railroad tracks during their engagement session.

Noses touch as Monica and Shaun sit on the rock built building.

Shaun kisses Monica's cheek.

Close up of the engagement ring while the couple contemplates a kiss.

Monica and Shaun kissing in front of Devil's Lake.

Engaged couple standing on the stairs leading to North Shore's Beach at Devil's Lake.

Couple kissing with the sun flare coming through the leafy canopy above.

Monica resting her cheek against Shaun's shoulder.

Silhouette of engaged couple with the Baraboo bluffs behind them at Devil's Lake.

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