{album thursday} sara + joe’s 10×10 ONE with Armour

Welcome to today’s album Thursday! Today I’m showing off Sara and Joe’s fabulous 10 inch ONE. This album features an Armour cover, that’s a printed metal with one of my absolute favorite shots from the whole day in black and white. The printed metal cover works best in black and white or a muted color image, it definitely looks fabulous here! The spine and back are covered in Ludicrous leather, a gorgeous black with a beautiful stamped design, we have found that Ludicrous is a favorite of our clients.

Album specs here we are: Sara and Joe’s album features a whopping 109 images on 30 pages, it is jam packed with the memories of the day. It’s just a good thing we couldn’t add in the temperature, it was so hot that July Saturday! Each album is completely custom designed and with this one, we wanted to add in a bit of the hot pink element from the wedding day, so you will notice bands of hot pink running below some of the images. We had so much fun at the wedding and designing the album.

Isn’t the packaging lovely? I love opening them up to take these shots and then repacking them up so our clients faces light up when they first see their album.

Finao ONE green packaging.

Mulberry ribbon and skeleton leaf album packaging.

I took plenty of shots of the metal cover, it’s one of our favorite album upgrades. Enjoy!

10 inche Finao ONE metal Armour cover.

Detail of black scrollwork Ludicrous leather on the album spine.

Metal Armour album cover with black spine from Finao.

Light shinging on the metal cover of the wedding album.

Groom standing at the altar beginning of the ceremony album spread.

Album spread of the ceremony with hot pink detailing.

Shot of the first kiss in the flushmount wedding album.

Bride and groom wedding album spread.

Last shot in the wedding album.

These next two shots show how thin the cut between pages is on our ONE album.

Finao ONE cut page option, super thin cut between spreads.

Finao cut print option, cut through the center of the spreads.

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