{album thursday} jake and laura’s gorgeous 10×10 ONE

Welcome to this week’s version of album Thursday! Today I’m showing off Jake and Laura’s gorgeous 10×10 ONE. This beauty showcases their gorgeous wedding on 38 pages. There are 84 images filling this gorgeous album. Jake and Laura went with the ICE cover, which is an acrylic cover with a metallic print glued to the back, which looks truly amazing! The spine and back of the album are covered in black Ludicrous leather, I’m telling you it’s popular!  We also received Rick and Kelli’s album at the same time, so you can see the difference in size when choosing cut prints like Jake and Laura’s where there is a thin cut down the center of the pages and creased prints in the ONE. We usually look at the size of the album and go from there, larger albums definitely work better with a creased print so that the album weighs less and is a bit thinner. But that’s enough talk, take a look at this gorgeous album!

Finao ONE packaging with recycled materials.

Mulberry leaf and recycled pineapple leaves for packaging.

10x10 album in packaging against the red wall.

We put our logo on every album, I love the silver against the black.

Studio logo die in silver inside the front cover of the wedding album.

Finao ONE acrylic cover with Ludicrous leather spine.

Here’s a little detail shot of the edge on the ICE acrylic cover.

edge detail of the acrylic cover on the ONE album.

wedding album laying flat on the coffee table.

first page of the wedding album featuring the bouquet from Wild Apples in Baraboo.

spread design in the wedding album.

before the ceremony spread in the wedding album.

the bride and father coming down the aisle wedding album spread.

I love full page spreads of the ceremony, here you can see the thin cut between the two pages.

full page spread of the wedding ceremony in the album.

the rain covered ride after the ceremony in the wedding album.

wedding book reception pages.

the cut print option featuring a thin cut between the two pages of the ONE.The ONE completely lays flat.

the wedding book album opens flat.

showing the thin line between pages.

I just love the subtle pattern of Ludicrous, it amps up any cover, move out plain black!

Detail shot of the scrollwork on Jake and Laura's leather cover.

Here you can see the difference in our three album offerings, a 12×12 ONE with metal Armour cover, Jake and Laura’s gorgeous 10×10 with the acrylic ICE cover and a 10×10 Artbook with full photowrap.

12x12 and 10x10 Finao ONE with a Visionart book.

And here’s the difference between a 38 page with cut prints on the left and a 42 page album with creased prints on the right.

Comparing the cut print album with a creased album.

the Ludicrous leather on the ONE album.

Showing the black leather detail on the spine.

If you think our albums look amazing, you should definitely feel them!

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