WI wedding photographer ~ Jenelle + Casey’s Coldwater Canyon wedding

Jenelle and Casey are two of my favorite clients ever. They are goofy and cute and so much fun to be around and this blog post is a very long time in coming. I had the hardest time choosing my favorites because I love them all! So, there are a ton of images for you today. A lot of laughter, a little silly, some gorgeous flowers and a very loving couple.

The whole day was amazing! It was a little chilly, but the sky was clear and even though the Wisconsin River was above flood level, the ceremony went on without a hitch. We were down in the fabulous Coldwater Canyon, which is so peaceful, it’s a gorgeous place for a wedding and the light filtering down was perfect. We got to ride the Original Wisconsin Ducks down to the ceremony sight and around town afterwards where we hit the Trojan horse at Mt. Olympus and the Riverwalk before heading back to the Grand Ballroom at Chula Vista for the reception.

Sun over the treetops at Witche's Gulch on the Wisconsin River, WI Dells.

Lace covered wedding gown from Brides n Belles in Reedsburg, WI, hanging in the window of the Chula Vista suite.

the bride getting her makeup done in the Chula Vista suite.

tattoo on mua's wrist as she applies the eye makeup to the bride.

Chula Vista suite with lace wedding dress hanging in doorway and bridesmaide getting make up applied.

Wedding makeup laid out on the bathroom sink, eyeshadows and blushes.

the bride checking out her reflection in the round mirror as the mua looks on.

Groom getting his boutonnierre from Wild Apples pinned on while wearing colorful red sunglasses.

The groomsmen on the steps of the Coldwater Canyon stand.

The bridesmaids with their bouquets from Wild Apples on the path through the bluffs.

Jenelle in her wedding gown from Brides n Belles with her gorgeous fall bouquet from Wild Apples floral in Baraboo.

Beautiful Jenelle with her gorgeous Wild Apples fall bouquet.

Placecards with brown ribbon on the table.

Chula Vista resort Grand Ballroom table setting in green, white and brown for the wedding reception.

The bride and bridesmaids in their brown dresses standing in front of the rock cliff face.

Bridal bouquet from Wild Apples floral in Baraboo WI.

the bridesmaids rocking their sunglasses in front of the brick building down at Coldwater Canyon on the Wisconsin River.

Wedding rings on a yellow leaf and green lichen in macro.

The handmade upcycled door program listing the couples in chalk at the top of the stairs to the ceremony.

Close up of the chalk door program written by hand and decorated with found leaves and vines.

Wooden handpainted wedding bell sign pointing the direction of the wedding ceremony for the guests.

A couple of bridesmaid's peeking out of the white tent to check on the guests coming in to the ceremony.

Jenelle and her father walking up the white runner to meet Casey at the stairs at the Coldwater Canyon building with trees towering above them.

the bridal party laid out on the steps of the front of the brick building for the ceremony.

The pastor blessing the wedding rings in front of Jenelle and Casey.

Jenelle and Casey kissing on the steps.

the entire bridal party on the steps in their mafia poses.

The groom holding the bouquet with another goofy usher sporting their amazing sunglasses.

Bridesmaid bouquet from Wild Apples in Baraboo.

Ribbon wrapped autumn bridal bouquet set on a bed of green moss.

Close up of the bouquet while the bride and groom kiss.

Casey nuzzling Jenelle's shoulder in front of the rock cliffs along the river trail.

bride and groom nose to nose in front of the towering pines along the Wisconsin River.

Jenelle and Casey kissing with the bouquet forgotten on the rock before them.

Black and white shot of the bride and groom kissing among the pines.

bride and groom standing above the flooded river along the Witche's Gulch trail along the Wisconsin River in the Dells.

the bridal party in front of the Trojan horse at Mt. Olympus resort in Wisconsin Dells.

Jenelle and Casey kissing in front of Mt. Olympus' Trojan horse along the strip in the Dells.

Original Wisconsin Duck with the bride and groom kissing in front of "happily ever after" sign.

black and white of the wedding couple in the gazebo at Riverwalk along the Wisconsin River.

handpainted cake sign on wood board at the reception pointing to the cake.

the bridal party watching the wedding day video on the pull down screen.

the Super delicious wedding cake on chocolate satin with tiny fondant flowers.

the bridesmaids pulling the charms out of the bridesmaid cake.

Jenelle and Casey cutting their wedding cake.

a shot of the bride and two bridesmaids in our photo booth with their crazy hats.

the gift table featuring a hand drawn portrait from one of our engagement shots drawn by the bride's brother.

black and white of the first dance as bride and groom.

bride and groom about to kiss during their first glance in the Chula Vista grand ballroom.

A couple of cute spectators watching the father daughter dance.

ceremony and reception: Cold Water Canyon at Chula Vista Resort
wedding gown: Brides N’ Belles
transportation: Original Wisconsin Ducks
florist: Wild Apples

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  1. Molly Bussie

    Gorgeous photos and you both were so fun to be around!! Thanks for posting and making my day! Molly

  2. Mercedes

    So many sweet moments and details!

  3. What a wonderful wedding…the bride is absolutely GORGEOUS!!

  4. Wonderful job! Such a cool location. And I just LOVE that ring shot!

  5. Great wedding, they look so happy. Great job capturing that!

  6. belinda

    Wow! Gorgeous colors! Fantastic set of photos!!


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