please welcome our newest addition ~ zoe

Our office manager would like to announce the arrival of her new assistant: Zoe Inari!!

I can’t believe that this little bundle is already nine days old. Nine! Where has the time gone?! I believe that I spent the majority looking at this cute adorable face and noticing how very much she looks like her older sister. Rob and I are blessed to have such gorgeous little girls to love and hold and nurture. So, this is where my time has gone lately, I know we didn’t tell a ton of people that we were expecting, but after losing one last July I have been paranoid about telling anyone anything. Yes, Rob tells me I’m a bit crazy, but at least I could blame it on the hormones. Now that Zoe has arrived, I thought I would share our first official photo shoot in the backyard yesterday. It was so perfectly warm to get this little darling outside that we just had to strip her down and lay her out in a fringe covered basket. Oh, the joy of newborns, while I photographed little Zoe, Rob had to show Jamie her new toy, which is supposed to be a birthday present this weekend. I tell you, that man cannot keep a secret.

Enjoy our new addition and Jamie’s new office assistant, I think between the two of them they will keep us from working too hard! 😉

naked newborn asleep on earth toned fringe blanket.

newborn toes on earth toned fringe.

naked newbron baby in basket and fringe on the grass in the backyard.

sleeping new baby girl in a fringe draped basket on grass.

close up of sleeping new baby face and bubble filled mouth.

newborn asleep in basket on fringe blanket in the backyard.

wide shot of sleeping newborn in basket on blanket.

close up of sleeping baby face.

just a little baby smirk as she sleeps.

newborn top view in basket and fringe blanket fanned out around her.

sleeping newborn face.

black and white sleeping newborn face.

newborn baby girl asleep on her fringe blanket.

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