{engaged} josh + laura’s storm tossed Devil’s Lake session

The day of Josh and Laura’s engagement session dawned dark and grey, but we didn’t worry. Not overmuch. Even though the rain was coming down in sheets, Rob and I knew how hard it had been to get these lovebirds together for this one weekend. So, when Laura called and mentioned rescheduling, we said let’s give today a try, we’ve got umbrellas and weather proofed cameras, a little rain never hurt, right? Well, lo and behold it came time to meet and the clouds parted, the sun hazily showed his face and we had a rainforest in Wisconsin! The whole session was perfect, the light was gorgeous and filtered through the thick clouds so it seemed to just wrap around everything, the colors just seemed to pop out at us, it literally looked as if we had embarked to some southern rainforest for this shoot instead of Devil’s Lake in the middle of Wisconsin.

Josh and Laura are seriously so cute together, they were willing to do any of the crazy things we asked, plus had amazing ideas of their own. Josh is a rock climber, so we climbed some rocks, nothing big mind you, and got some amazing shots in front of the rock wall, which are some of my favorites. Laura has the most perfect curls, I am so jealous because my hair just frizzes like crazy, plus her eyes are gorgeous as well. Put the two together, because Josh is quite the handsome fellow, and we have a super cute couple to photograph, with two megawatt smiles.

All right, all right, that’s enough of my chatter, take a look at some of my favorites, you know how hard it is for me to choose! Feel free to leave me some blog love, it makes my day!

Engaged couple sitting on the railroad tracks looking at each other with love in their eyes.

What did I tell you? Amazing rock wall as a background!

Devil's Lake engagement session, couple standing in front of cliff face.

Baraboo bluffs behind affianced couple after a rainstorm.

Almost kissing under a tree with huge bluffs in the background.

And here comes the rainforest, aren’t the colors simply amazing?!

Couple in love nose to nose with dripping wet ferns surrounding them.

Hugging couple on the engagement session after a thunderstorm.

Engaged couple sitting on a fallen log on the sandy beach of the lake.

I usually love black and whites, but this session was so filled with gorgeous color that I barely switched anything to monochrome.

black and white shot of an engaged couple as they stare off into the distance.

Fallen rocks used as a seat for a modern engagement session.

Silhouette of engaged couple hugging with Devil's Lake and storm clouds in the background.

Heart rock with the couple walking away behind them.

Hugging people surrounded by the glorious red profusion of sumac after a thunderstorm.

Forehead to forehead in a stand of red sumac on an engagement session.

Hugging couple in love surrounded by red.

Man and woman holding hands with Baraboo bluffs in the background and steam rising off the cliffs.

Woman hugging fiance amid wildflowers in the prairie.

Man giving his fiance a piggy back ride through the wildflowers.

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  1. what a stunning location. and oh my gosh that colour! beautiful x

  2. awesome work! i love the shots of them in the red plants.

  3. there are so in love…love your photos…;)

  4. They look so happy – wonderful work.

  5. What a beautiful couple, lovely location, and great emotions; seriously, they look so happy together and you captured it perfectly. I love the red!!!

  6. Lovely location! Also, her hair!?! So awesome!

  7. Great work on these engagement photos. Looks like a fun-loving couple and quite the beautiful location!

  8. What an absolutely cute as heck couple! Lovely job 🙂

  9. These guys must be stoked with these photos!!! So Nice

  10. Wow, this is such a unique, beautiful natural location! I love the ones with the red bushes and the rocks at the beginning 🙂


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