Welcome 2012!!

Hello new year! It’s a new beginning, a fresh start. If last year for you was anything like it was for us, I’m sure it was full of ups and downs. We can’t learn to appreciate the good without a little sour in our lives, can we? We had amazing clients this past year and have fabulous clients lined up for this year! Our wedding season will start this month, yay! Winter wedding, doesn’t that sound exciting? Well, I think it’s exciting, and that’s all that matters (at least that’s what I tell Rob).

New years is always a bit bittersweet, for everything that didn’t get done the past year, but knowing that the new year will be full of new adventures, new friends and more fun. Has anyone made any resolutions? I’ll share mine, I plan on taking more pictures of my own family this year. Jamie is growing so big right before our eyes and soon she’ll be a little girl and not just my baby anymore. I take tons of pictures of other people’s families, that I think I’ll need to focus on my own a bit more this year. So, help me keep my resolution people! And good luck keeping your own!

Rock sculpture at Devil's Lake state park, Baraboo Wisconsin.

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