Rick + Kelli’s fabulously fun Mauston + the Dells wedding day

Fabulously fun barely begins to describe Rick and Kelli’s wedding day. Rick and Kelli are so super sweet and awesomely in love that we just had a complete blast the whole day. The girls were getting ready in Mauston at the church, so I got to take some shots of them getting dressed and, of course, Kelli’s gorgeous wedding dress with its royal blue strip down the back, so gorgeous! Plus, she already had her flowers from Wild Apples.

While I was doing that, Rob and the guys were mostly chilling. I won’t let him lie to me, the guys are super easy, all they have to do is get dressed and they look amazing. Check out the black and white of Rick just sitting in the pews, isn’t he so handsome?! Plus, check out his smile, can you totally tell that he’s super excited to be married to such a gorgeous woman?

So, this is our year of, kinda, funny ring stories. Let’s just say that the wedding day just wasn’t the ring bearer’s day. Poor kid, he didn’t have the rings when the officiant asked for them, but don’t worry, they were just hiding in a  back room. Crisis averted. Plus, I think Rob and I will have some competition with the ring bearer, check him out in the reception shot. 😉

Talking about the reception, it was held at the Chula Vista Resort in Wisconsin Dells. The whole night was rocking. I am also enlisting Rick on teaching Rob how to dance, because he was awesome. No, really, he has the moves, don’t let him tell you any different.

Okay, okay, enough chatter, check out their amazing wedding! Feel free to leave me some blog love, because you know that I love to read what you have to say!

White and royal blue wedding gown.

Detail of the lace on the wedding gown.

Flowers by Wild Apples in Baraboo Wisconsin.

Embossed wedding programs in a basket.

Bouquet of wedding flowers in the church sanctuary in Mauston.

the bride applying her makeup.

Bethany Lutheran church in Mauston, Wisconsin.

black and white shot of the groom sitting in the church.

the bride and her brothers walking down the aisle.

the bride and groom laughing at the altar.

the ring went missing.

the officiant handing the ring to the ring bearer.

first kiss as husband and wife.

music notes on the wedding march.

bride and groom walking down the aisle.

the bride and groom posing in front of the altar in the church.

the bride and groom kissing in front of the stained glass window.

the very handsome little ring bearer.

the super happy groom after the wedding.

the bride and groom laughing during formals at Chula Vista in the Dells.

the bride's hot pink and white bouquet from Wild Apples in Baraboo, Wisconsin.

the bride and groom, a close up of the smiles.

the beautiful bride on the dells overlooking the Wisconsin River at the Chula Vista resort in Wisconsin Dells.

the bride's beautiful smile.

the groom's happy countenance.

the often requested bridal party jump shot.

the wedding cake.

the photo guest book on the table.

the tables decorated for the reception at Chula Vista resort.

Ring bearer taking pictures at the reception.

Kelli's gorgeous bouquet and their wedding rings.

Macro shot of the wedding rings.

Precious Moments cake topper of bride and groom.

bride and groom dancing at the reception.

the groom getting down at the reception.

guests dancing at the reception.

Congrats, Kelli and Rick!

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  1. Lem

    Great shots! Looks like a fun couple.


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