Joe + Taren’s Baraboo enagement session

We met up with Joe and Taren the first week in October, the day was gorgeous. We headed out to Pewitt’s Nest for some great fall foliage behind the two of them. Rob and I usually like to start easy: “okay, you’re going to hold each others hands and walk away . . . okay now turn around and come back!” Well, we started with a little more touchy feely with Joe and Taren. We had them climb up onto this huge tree and cuddle. I love these shots!

Engaged couple at Pewitt's Nest in Baraboo.

Engaged couple nuzzling at the engagement session under cover of fall leaves.

Fall leaves behind engaged couple at Pewitt's Nest in Baraboo, Wisconsin.

Sun streaming through trees at the engagement session in Baraboo.

Then, we moved on to walking and holding hands. I love the way that the light filtered down on the two of them. We were blessed with a gorgeous couple and amazing light for the session, what can I say.

Engaged couple walking away.

engaged couple laughing and walking towards the camera along the cliff top.

Engaged couple smiling for the camera.

After Pewitt’s Nest, we headed to downtown Baraboo, and got some really great shots in one of the back alleys. I love all the little nooks and crannies that can be found when you’re paying attention.

the engagement ring while the couple kisses in the background.

Doesn’t Taren have the most amazing heels? I admit, I could never walk around on them, I would totally sprain an ankle. The shoes were killer and Taren totally rocked them for the session!

Engaged couple in the back alley with vines and brick.

Vines and leaves in a Baraboo back alley with the couple kissing.

Okay, I love the look of this. That patch of vines spreading along the brickwork, then add in a super gorgeous couple. I love it!

Couple in love holding hands against a cream and grey wall.

These last two we caught by the Al Ringling theatre. I love every bit of them.

Engaged couple laughing on wrought iron staircase.

Al Ringling Theatre, Baraboo Wi, fire escape with engaged couple laughing.

Joe and Taren, thank you for an amazing day! We can’t wait for the wedding next year, it’s going to be awesome!

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  1. Beautiful session, 3 & 4 are amazing!


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