{engaged} jake + laura’s madison engagement session

I realized this week, that I have barely posted any full posts from this last year. What a slacker, and what a year it’s been for us, full of ups and downs. So, I’m going back in time to this past winter with Jake and Laura and sharing their fun engagement session. There was snow (I want snow now because it doesn’t feel like Christmas without it) and cold, but Jake and Laura were troopers and we had so much fun together. Plus, Laura has the most amazing skin, I think you will all agree when I say she’s pretty gorgeous. We started outside in the cold and snow, headed to the capital and ended with Barnes and Noble, where they went on their first date (correct me if I’m wrong guys!). They are both big Star Wars fans, so we totally took advantage of that and had some fun in the bookstore.

Enjoy! And please, leave me some blog love, I really enjoy what you have to say, unless it’s spam then it’s outta here!

Engaged couple walking hand in hand past an evergreen.

Seriously gorgeous! This is one of my absolute faves of the whole year!

Engaged woman holding her future groom.

Black and white of engaged couple standing down a cobblestone path.

Couple kissing through the trees.

Engaged couple laughing through the trees.

Engaged couple being held.

Engaged couple holding hands before a golden pagoda.

Couple kissing in the snow.

Couple with a reflection of the Madison capital behind them.

Engaged couple nuzzling in front of the capital building.

Mand and woman holding hands in front of a snow filled capital building.

And this one with the light, so luscious.

Sunflare between the engaged couple on the Madison capital stairs.

Engaged couple playing hide peek a boo behind a bronze lion pillar.

Bronze lion pillar with couple in bokeh background.

And then there’s this one, where we had them kiss, over and over (I think our clients like that part the best). 😉

Engaged clients from Griffin Photography kissing in an alcove at the state capital.

Checking out the book section where they met.

Star Wars fans at the engagement session.

Engaged couple in the sci-fi aisle at Barnes and Noble.

Engaged couple checking out the honeymoon plans.

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