{album thursday} a super cute 3×3 newborn accordion

Good afternoon and welcome to another Thursday’s album. Today I’ve got a set of three 3×3 inch accordion albums for a new little man. I had the privilege of capturing these moments when Matty was just a week old, can you believe how much they grow in just a month? This is the perfect gift for grandparents, what’s better is that they come in sets of three! That means one for mom and dad, one for his parents and one for her parents. Or you can just keep them all to yourself, but it’s way more fun to share, don’t you agree? 😉

I simply adore how tiny these are. They fit in your purse, even your pocket, and have a magnetic closure so they are sure to stay shut while you’re carrying them around. We have just started offering printed covers this year, which I’ll admit is way more awesome than the pink linen accordian albums that I have when Jamie was born, but hey, times change and we move with them.

Take a look at these adorable books, they are perfect for newborns, seniors, wedding gifts, okay okay, I could go on, but I think they are perfect for anything. Plus, you know me, I love albums!

3x3 accordian album from Griffin Photography.

Set of three accordian newborn albums laid out on table.

Long side of the accordian album.

Short side of the accordian album.

Cover of a newborn accordian album.

Last image of the accordian album.

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