{wordless wednesday} crisp

I know it’s a “wordless wednesday” post, but we’ve finally gotten a new computer so things are moving faster than ever. Yay! So, expect more blog posts, I’ve got a ton from this past summer that should be getting up. I’ll have to have that office manager of ours keep me on schedule. Breakfast. Playtime. Nap aka mommy gets to work time. Lunch. Playtime. Dinner. This is usually how the day goes for the office manager, she’s something special, that’s for sure. Well, Thanksgiving is in a week! Where has time gone? Let’s get ready with this shot I took out at the cemetery last week, I’ve ordered a bunch of albums to make it here before Christmas, so expect more more more on the blog very soon, my friends.  And with that, I leave you with my awesomeness! (I can pretend, right?)

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