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There is nothing better than capturing new parents. Never mind the fact that I get to hold the baby, and cuddle them. I love capturing emotions through my camera. I think that may be why Rob and I love weddings so much.

I met up with Andy and Michelle at their house to capture Jackson. What a handsome little man, he’s got just a hint of red in his hair when the light hits it right, and I find that so adorable! While Jackson may not have been too excited about the overzealous woman with the big black eye, I got some great shots. Although, who would be excited to have something big, black and shiny pointed at them. Not many people are, but I love to document these moments in time. I am loving our documentary lifestyle sessions that we are offering this year. Just a couple hours spent with you and your family, just naturally doing whatever you want. Playing at the park, or just hanging around the house, I would love to do more lifestyle sessions, so hit me up, people!

Now, here is the real reason you all check the blog. Pictures! I hope you love them as much as I do!

Documentary newborn photography family on couch.

New mother looking at newborn and daddy together.

New parents marveling at their little one, Baraboo newborn photographer.

newborn boy holding onto mom's pinky finger.

Newborn in basket with blanket fringe.

Newborn boy with blanket fringe spread out around him.

Wisconsin newborn photographer window lit baby.

new mother smiling off camera.

New father cuddling his baby boy.

Baraboo Wisconsin newborn photographer.

Wisconsin newborn photographer baby laying on blanket.

Newborn laying in bassinet.

Teddy bear watching over newborn in bassinet.

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