Happy Mother’s Day!

Hello and Happy Mother’s Day!! I hope that everyone has been enjoying this beautiful day. I know that I have.

It started with roses and a card signed by daddy and Jamie, her little scribbles just melt my heart. Since it was so nice out, sixty degrees in Wisconsin is perfect especially when it can change so drastically one day to another. So we took advantage of the warmth and headed outside.

We met Rob’s parents and his brother’s family out at the lake where we took Jamie’s shoes off for the first time. I think that she loved the feel of the dirt, sand and grass under her feet. She also has recognized her shadow. She’s been watching it all day, it’s pretty funny. Right before bed, I was making shadow puppets on the wall and she would try to swat them, I know it’s mushy, but hey, it’s my blog and I want to tell you all about my wonderful Mother’s Day.

We didn’t forget about my mom, either. We surprised her for supper out at the farm. My sister had gotten her a gorgeous bouquet from Wild Apples, so of course, I took some pictures. I love Wild Apples, everything that they create is just amazing and I can’t sing their praises enough.

I’ve included a couple of shots to tide you over for now. I’ve got a great newborn session to post, along with images of our newest prop, a super sweet vintage French style blue settee, I think you will all agree that it is going to be great.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Toddler toes in the sand with her shadow.

Beautifil floral bouquet from Wild Apples in Baraboo.

Macro shot of the pink roses in the Wild Apples bouquet.

Both sides of the floral bouquet from Wild Apples in Baraboo Wisconsin.

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