Happy Easter

What a gorgeous day, wouldn’t you agree? Especially after the cold, rainy and snowy week that we had. Today, Jamie and I, mostly I, colored eggs with her cousin Cheyanne and Gramma. What a wonderful mess we made, and we only managed to crack a few of the four dozen eggs that were awaiting new colors. That’s a plus with a twenty-one month old that wants to help dunk the eggs, slurp up the colored water and really just make a mess. We had a blast, although it is possible that I had more fun than the kids, but hey, that’s all right.

Rob, Jamie and I celebrated Easter dinner a day early with my mom and siblings out at the farm. So, I had to dress Jamie up in a super cute dress. What mom doesn’t love to dress her little girls? She loved the dress and kept pulling up the skirt to play with the tulle underneath.

So, with these images of my own cuteness, may you all have a wonderful Easter weekend!

Multicolored dyed Easter eggs waiting to be hidden.

Jamie finding a hidden egg.

Child sitting on the hood of a rusted Chevy truck.

Toddler sitting on truck fender.

Jamie looking up.

Jamie playing in the garden.

Macro shot of Easter colored m+m's.

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