{engaged} rick + kelli’s windy wisconsin dells gtkys

I think we can all agree that Wisconsin weather sucks. Last week, it is gorgeous, blue skies, seventy degrees, and what do we have yesterday? We get a horrid rain/sleet/snow mixture, that thank goodness stopped before our engagement session last night. Here I thought that Spring had finally arrived, but after yesterday, I’m disinclined to believe that fact.

Kelli and Rick were eager to brave the wind and the cold, all right that might be putting it a bit stronger, but Rob and I were excited to make the best of the grey situation. I think that the test of any photographer is to not let outside circumstances, such as weather, keep you down. So, even though our lovely couple got a bit cold, we braved the wind and got some amazing shots. We started out in Baraboo at Ochsner’s Park for some quick outdoor shots, then headed up to Chula Vista for some indoor shots, and some of my personal favorite cloud shots and ended up at the River Walk.

Rob and I had a blast, we put into practice some new things we learned last week while at the Power of Passion tour with Sandy Puc and Jerry Ghionis. I think that we rocked this session, and I hope that Kelli and Rick agree. I know that Rick wasn’t too keen on getting pictures taken, what groom isn’t, right? But he was totally a natural in front of the camera and Kelli is just gorgeous. Seriously, take a look and let me know your thoughts.

Kelli and Rick, we cannot wait for your wedding next month! Here’s one thing to check off.

Griffin Photography engagement session at Ochsner's Park, Baraboo Wisconsin.

Sitting inside a giant stone fireplace during the engagement session.

Barely kissing during the engagement session.

Bride to be getting cuddled by her fiance.

Engaged couple laughing for the camera.

Black and white of couple smelling a rose.

Storm clouds behind the couple as they give a piggy back ride.

Laughing couple obstructed by hanging vines in the Dells.

Engaged couple haging out in the blue doorway.

Griffin Photography engagement session.

Engaged couple hugging with storm clouds behind them.

Silhouette of engaged couple with storm clouds.

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  1. aunt Sheila

    Love the pictures Congrats Rick I think you have found the girl of your dreams this time. Kelli Welcome to the family can’t wait to meet you. Your photographers did a lovely job on these pictures. Can’t wait to see all. Wishing you a long happy life together….

  2. Kimberly

    Congratulations Guys! Love those pictures they turned out great!!! Cant wait for the wedding!


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