Vegas ~ Day 1 at the Hoover Dam

I am just getting to our vacation pictures! And what a vacation it was. We had our first destination wedding, out in Vegas if you didn’t guess by now, so we decided to make a little mini vacation and see some of the sights since neither Rob or myself had ever been out to Vegas.

We may have exhausted ourselves, but it was totally worth it. Our first day was a trip to see the Hoover Dam. It is amazing. The dam is way bigger than I had imagined, I’ll admit that I was a tiny bit freaked out that the only thing between us and the torrent of the Colorado River was concrete. Of course, I’m just a big sissy and there is nothing to be afraid of. The view was amazing, there is nothing like this in Wisconsin. The land is so barren, just full of scrubby bushes, cactus and the mountains that just jut out of the earth. It is an artist’s dream and I was itching to paint, but of course I had only brought my camera and a sketchbook. One of the hardest things was choosing which cameras to bring since we only had so much space in our luggage. I’m so happy that we decided to bring a fisheye lens with us, it really helped to capture the whole vista.

Our first day started out with a stop in Boulder City at the Coffee Cup Cafe, which has the most amazing food. They have limited hours, but I would definitely stop in again for breakfast and the atmosphere, which totally rocks! Next door was an antique store with some amazing sidewalk displays, check for yourself, I had to break out the fisheye and take some shots.

The Coffee Cup Cafe in Boulder City, what a treat.

Coffe Cup Cafe sign and American flag in Arizona.

Antique sign with giant wheeled bicycle in Boulder City, Arizona.

Tricycle and quilt on display in Boulder city on the sidewalk.

After these shots, it was a straight shot out to Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam. Can you tell that I am loving the mountains and the scenery?

The mountains surrounding Lake Mead in Nevada.

Mountains and stucco buildings near Lake Mead.

The bridge that spans the Colorado River between Nevada and Arizona.

This bridge is huge and spans the Colorado River, I was not a fan of driving on it, but then we couldn’t even tell that we were on a bridge until we were safely on the other side. I have a weird fear that bridges will collapse when I’m driving on them. I know, it’s a bit crazy. 😉

Sun flare coming through the Colorado River bridge near the Hoover Dam.

The Hoover Dam.

The Colorado River below the Hoover Dam.

The high tide marks on the cliffs of the Colorado River above the Hoover Dam.

Hoover Dam sign over the visitor's center.

One of the bronze sculptures by the Hoover Dam.

Apparently, you rub this guy’s toes for luck. I made Rob do it, and look what, it brought us some good luck. Perfect weather and a great time!

Hoover Dam bronze sculpture.

Sun flare with the rocks surrounding the Hoover Dam.

Hoover Dam from above.

Okay, Rob’s going to hate me for posting this shot of him, but I couldn’t resist. Here he is in front of the Hoover Dam, what a view, right?

Rob with the Hoover Dam behind him.

Hoover Dam and the road to it from Arizona.

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  1. Renee Mead

    That is a great picture of the Hoover Dam and Rob too. Will be taking a trip out there again someday. The scenery is beautiful.

  2. I have been there a couple times. I like the bridge shot blocking the sun.


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