{album thursday} dave + emily’s 10×10 album

Goodness how time flies! Can you believe it’s almost April?! I know, I know, let’s get to the fun stuff shall we?

Today I want to show off Dave and Emily’s 10×10 black leather Miller’s album. This 30 page album is full of images that show their love for one another. Rob and I had so much fun photographing the two of them, that it was hard to narrow down the images, but we managed to narrow it down to 69 for this album. It was hard because Dave and Emily have such a great chemistry together and we love every shot. Have I mentioned lately that I just love couples in love? I really should more often. I love it when our couples are connected like that, and I hope that the album captures Dave and Emily’s feelings towards one another.

Here is just a taste of the album, along with some of the spreads.

Miller's lab 10x10 leather pressbook out in the grass.

10x10 Miller's press book wedding album.

First page of wedding album design.

Wedding album getting ready spread.

Wedding album formals at the Madison capital spread.

wedding album toasts spread.

wedding album getting ready spread.

wedding album giving the bride away spread.

wedding album formals spread.

wedding album first dance spread.

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