{engaged} Deb + Erik’s Dells winter wonderland gtkys

Have I mentioned lately how awesome our clients are?

Well, our clients are awesome. Deb and Erik have been waiting for the perfect winter wonderland scene for their engagement session. For Wisconsin, that shouldn’t be hard, right? You would think, but we had to reschedule a couple times due to warm temps, can you believe all our snow was melting?! Of course it’s freezing now, but the day of Deb and Erik’s engagement session dawned gorgeous, blue skies and the temps were well above zero, although still a bit chilly in the teens/twenties.

We started out at Buffalo Phil’s using the snow sculptures from the Flake Out Festival as an awesome backdrop. My favorite, if you couldn’t tell, is probably the pirate ship. We even braved the ice maze for some cute shots, it may have helped that we were all tall enough to see from one end to the other, but that’s a mere technicality if you ask me. 😉

We drove down to the strip for some quick shots, I found an awesome vine covered alleyway and got some fun reflection shots and then finished down on the Wisconsin River.

Deb and Erik were so much fun, they made snow angels, let us pelt them with snow while they kissed and Erik even gave Deb a piggy back ride. What a fun day. They even broke out their Wisconsin pride at the end, I love the red against the white snow, so perfect.

Take a look, let me know what you think, you know how much I love to read your comments, they make my day!

wisconsin engagement photographer snow sculpture in wisconsin dells.

pirate ship snow sculpture behind engaged couple hugging.

engaged couple in wisconsin dells next to snow sculpture.

engaged couple laughing and smiling.

ice castle surrounding engaged couple in wisconsin dells.

vine covered alleyway behind engaged couple.

man and woman reflected in candy store window in downtown dells.

engaged couple holding hands walking down the strip in the Dells.

Kissing couple reflected in glass window in the Dells.

Engaged couple along the Wisconsin River in Wisconsin Dells.

Making a heart in the snow with their initials.

Engaged couple making snow angels in the snow along the Wisconsin River.

Snow angel outlines.

Heart with names.

throwing snow up in the air.

kissing while being pelted with snow.

Engaged couple piggyback ride.

Engaged couple showing off their Wisconsin pride.

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  1. Rae

    Gorgeous 🙂 Sooooo cute!!!

  2. So cute! They look so happy together. Great job capturing their essence as a couple!

  3. Fun engagement shoot! I love the lying down ones – and the last photo is a favourite!

  4. Playing in the snow like big kids – I love it! Great set.

  5. There are really sweet and fun. Snow angels = LOVE!!

  6. All the snow is making me miss my native Finland! What a gorgeous day, and gorgeous memories.

  7. Awesome! Looks like they had so much fun 🙂

  8. I love these winter shots although I’m glad I don’t deal with snow. You do great work and I’m sure this fun couple had a great time looking at these great shots.

  9. you can absolutely tell these two are in love. really well done!

  10. Great session, what a cute couple!

  11. Fun way to stay warm on a winter engagement session! Go Badgers!

  12. Wonderful photos,,
    I really like your beautiful pictures.

  13. Jill patterson

    Debbie you haven’t changed a bit….Jill


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