Wisconsin senior portrait photographer ~ Bobbi, class of 2011

I find that seniors are always exciting to work with. There are so many changes and questions in life, and the whole world is spread out before them. It’s a time with more questions than answers.

Bobbi is a girl after my own heart. She had just spent some time up in Minneapolis before we did her session. I’ll admit I was a bit jealous, I’ve been missing the cities a bit lately, although not enough to just take off and visit. I’m not willing, yet, to spend four hours in the car with a cranky toddler, but maybe this summer we can give it a try. Bobbi had been checking out MCAD, so I knew just by that comment that we would be having a lot of fun during her session.

Bobbi had some perfect locations in mind for her session. We started out shooting by some graffiti covered train cars, I love the bright colors. Bobbi is a perfect model if I do say so myself. Then we head out for some softer shots in a field of Queen Anne’s lace, went for a little dip in Skillet Creek (no, I do not let my seniors go in alone, I got wet, too) and then ended up at a super secret location that we are not allowed to divulge until she has graduated, but I’ll give you a hint that it makes you feel like you’re on top of the world!

Oh, it was such a blast and so easy taking these shots. I seriously have the coolest job in the world. Except for maybe those people that name the crayons, that would be awesome, too. Anyways, take a look at some of my fav’s of Bobbi, and feel free to leave some blog love, it makes me happy, unless it’s spam and then I just trash it. 😉

Baraboo high school senior next to grafitti covered train car.

Senior student walking through field of Queen Anne's lace in Baraboo, Wisconsin.

Wisconsin senior photographer captures high school senior sitting in field of flowers.

Wisconsin senior photographer wades in water for awesome senior pictures.

Senior posing in Skillet Creek.

Wisconsin senior photographer captures senior on top of the world.

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