{new prop} newborn fringe blanket

I’ve been eying up newborn props lately, especially the super adorable fringe blankets. Of course, I have no crocheting skills, so making my own would definitely not work. 🙁 But my best friend Karen is a crocheting whiz and decided to give this a try and she did an amazing job if I do say so myself. I did have the hardest time choosing a color and decided on a green blend with some rich red running through it. Green is my favorite color and I know that several of my newborns this year are going to be boys, at least according to the ultrasounds, so green will be great for them, even though we did see a super cute fuzzy purple.

I didn’t have a newborn to practice with, so decided to grab a cute little teddy bear of Jamie’s to model for me, he did pretty good, although he is definitely not as cute as the next models will be. I cannot wait to beef up my newborn portfolio this year with my new props. Along with the new fringe blanket, I’ve got the cutest little wooden doll bed from my own childhood which is currently resting in my car as I decide what color to paint it. Right now it is baby girl pink, and as a little girl I was okay with that, but now I am thinking that white will be the perfect neutral color to go along with some colorful blankets and adorable newborns. I am just so excited to play with my new props!

Newborn fringe blanket prop against red wall with teddy bear.

Fringe blanket texture close up.

Black and white shot of fringe blanket and teddy bear model.

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