Baraboo Senior Photographer {class of 2010} Brock

Yeah, that title is right. Class of 2010. I’ll admit that I slacked a bit on blogging my seniors in 2009. I’d like to use my office manager as an excuse, we were just getting used to having her around and nap time for her, mean nap time for me, too. Which meant the blog got a bit (a lot) pushed behind because Rob doesn’t blog. It’s just not his thing, while me, I love to talk. Sometimes I feel that I’m talking to myself on here, but I know I’ve got plenty of lurkers that love to look at our images.

So here is Brock. He wanted something completely different. No brick walls, no posing over his shoulder (I’m sorry I made you do it just that once and it was totally because the spot was perfect!). So, we met up in his neck of the woods and he showed us what is hidden in the woods. We found some amazing old train cars, one of which had no bottom so we could climb inside. Then Brock had to show off his homemade fort. Fort Herman. A couple friends and Brock had built it all by hand, it was really awesome, suddenly we were walking through the woods and BAM! there’s a fort waiting to be filled with adventure.

Well Brock, I do hope that your first year after high school has been amazing.

Wisconsin senior photographer in North Freedom.

Senior photographer Wisconsin with train car.

Wisconsin senior photographs with train car North Freedom Midatlantic train museum.

Wisconsin senior photographer inside abandoned train car.

Senior on top of train car.

Senior sitting on tree fort with homemade Fort Herman sign.

I love the light in this last one. As we were getting ready to leave, the light just shone so perfect through the trees that I told Brock just to stand there. Lol, I love it.

Perfect light surrounding senior boy.

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