{album thursday} kristina + ryan’s 12×12 ONE

Welcome back to the next installment of album thursday! Today I am showing off Kristina and Ryan’s gorgeous albums. Yup, you read that right. Albums, plural. They ordered a 12×12 ONE with Wedgewood leather and an Armour cover, featuring one of my very favorite shots from the wedding day, and two 8×8 parent’s albums in Wedgewood. Wedgewood is the perfect navy compliment to Kristina and Ryan’s wedding, and oh so supple, I could pet their album all day long. I love Armour covers. Our sample album is an Armour cover, it is a metal emulsion mounted to a thicker piece of metal, sturdy and durable.

We jam packed 108 images into Kristina and Ryan’s 30 page album. I think that the album is the perfect story of their day.

I love wedding albums. I love designing them, being able to show the story of the day with our images and I love getting the actual album delivered. Being able to touch and marvel at the workmanship is one of my very favorite things. I love breaking open the boxes, cracking open the cover and just running my hand along the pages. I hope that our clients enjoy these very same things with their own albums.

Finao wedding album packaging.

Green packaging from Finao.

Recycled pineapple leaves and mulberry leaf packaging.

Finao wedding albums.

12x12 and 8x8 Finao wedding albums.

Finao wedding album with Armour cover and Wedgewood leather.

8x8 parent album and 12x12 wedding album.

Finao wedding albums.

Layflat flushmount Finao album.

Finao album spread.

Finao wedding album spread.

Texture of photo print in Finao album.

Wedding album spread from Griffin Photography.

wedding album spread.

album spread.

final page in kristina and ryan's wedding album.

Silver embossed Griffin Photography logo in wedding album.

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