wisconsin wedding photographer ~ daniel + stephanie’s cross plain’s wedding

I have to thank all our brides and grooms for being so patient with my blogging, and if any of you would like to practice your parenting on a slightly cranky sixteen month old, give me a call and I’ll get even more done. I don’t get many offers for her, poor kid is teething again (at least that’s what I think is going on!).

All right, on to the fun stuff, right? Rob and I shot Stephanie and Daniel’s wedding way back in July (yeah, I am that behind on blogging my weddings). The got married at St. Martin’s down in Cross Plains and when we arrived, we had a first. The groomsmen were all assembled and ready for pictures, how awesome is that? Super awesome because it never happens! All but one of the groomsmen were Daniel’s brothers, his missing brother is overseas and we did get to “see” him later on at the reception via laptop, it was really great. I’m tearing up just remembering that night, so moving on, shall we?

The girl’s flowers were gorgeous, even after the flower girl tried to demolish her flower ball. One thing that I loved, was that all the granddaughter’s on Daniel’s side wore matching pink polka dotted dresses, they totally fit in with the hot pink theme of the wedding. Stephanie even surprised me with her magenta heels, which I totally love.

Stephanie couldn’t wait to head down the aisle and get the ceremony over with. She was super excited and utterly gorgeous in her lace covered gown, how I love lace. Daniel was in all white and definitely stood out amongst the black clad groomsmen and hot pink vests. July is the month of hot pink for us! I’ll admit that my favorite color is green, but hot pink makes me all girly and full of smiles. I know, it’s a goofy fact for me.

We hit up Ski Hi for some quick shots of the rolling Wisconsin hills behind the bridal party, Stephanie wanted to remember Wisconsin since they are moving out East. Then we headed off to Wisconsin Dells for the reception at the Wintergreen Resort.

The food was delicous, the cake was amazing and it was the first time that we have been at a table completely alone. I swear we don’t smell, but we grabbed a couple empty seats up front – the entire back side was packed. We did have the perfect vantage point for the speeches, toasts and kissing. During Michael’s speech, he joked that Stephanie had to marry the “ugly brother” and everyone just cracked up. Stephanie and Daniel are so great for each other, the were full of smiles and little glances all day.

The DJ kept the dance floor packed, even the kids got into the music. I’m pretty sure that they were dancing better than I can! It was amazing how well the whole family got into the music at the reception.

Congrats and best wishes on your new adventures, Daniel and Stephanie!

St. Martin's Catholic church in Cross Plains.

Stephanie's gorgeous wedding dress hanging on the church door.

Magenta high heels in the window.

The beautiful bride in fron of St. Martin's church in Cross Plains.

The bride and flowergirl comparing bouquets.

The bride surrounded by her young entourage.

The groom talking with the pastor before the wedding ceremony.

Griffin photography captures the bride and father of the bride before they walk down the aisle.

The bride walking down the aisle to her future husband.

St. Martin's Catholic church in Cross Plains, Wisconsin from the balcony.

Griffin photography captures the bride and groom whispering during the ceremony.

Newlyweds walking back down the aisle after the wedding ceremony.

Organist and the Wedding March at the church in Cross Plains Wisconsin.

Flowergirl's bouquet left stranded on a table in the church.

The handsome groom smiling for Griffin Photography.

The bride's bouquet and magenta shoes.

St. Martin's Catholic Church as bridal party background for Griffin Photography, Wisconsin wedding photographers.

The groom fidgeting with his new wedding band.

Bridal party at Ski Hi apple orchard in Baraboo Wisconsin.

Griffin photography wisconsin wedding photographer captures bride and groom in front of rolling Wisconsin hills.

bride and groom holding hands.

Table set up at the Wintergreen Resort in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.

Bridal party speeches at the Wintergreen Resort.

Delicous wedding cake.

Wedding bands set in the flowers.

Wisconsin wedding photographers, Griffin photography, capture the bride and groom.

Reception at the Wintergreen Resort in Wisconsin Dells.

Ceremony: St. Martin’s Catholic Church, Martinsville Cross Plains Wisconsin

Reception: Wintergreen Resort, Wisconsin Dells

DJ: Jukebox Bandstand

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  1. Great! I love the colour of her bouquet, and the shot of the rings on the flowers.

  2. this wedding looks great! great job on the reception, i feel like i could have been there 🙂

  3. Last frame of the boy in mid air is sweet. Nice capture.

  4. I love the group shot in front of the church. Really cool angle!

  5. Amber

    The church is GORGEOUS!!! I love the pictures, they really capture the personality of the couple!

  6. They look so happy, and the look on the bride’s face walking down the aisle is just priceless 🙂

  7. Great looking couple, awesome job!
    That church….. i thought this wedding took place where im from. Ive shot at a church that looked 100% identical inside and out! Random! lol

  8. omg the last shot of the baby being thrown up in the air is so great!! the reception shots overall are stellar – great job! 😀

  9. damn this is a ballin’ wedding….. her dress and the ceremony venue are unreal. solid stuff!

  10. I’m really loving the reception coverage on this one…and the kids in the air is priceless..his parents should buy that picture!!

  11. Wow, so many amazing details and awesome colors! Great storytelling, and I REALLY love the vantage point you had in that beautiful church!!

  12. That ring shot with the flowers is so cute and the walking down the aisle photo is great! Great job with all the other ones too 🙂

  13. Love the angles you choose during the ceremony. Well done!


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