Merry Christmas!!

It’s here, the day children, and quite a few adults, can not wait for. Last year, I’ll admit that we didn’t do anything super special with Jamie, she was only five months old and wouldn’t have known what we were doing anyways. But this year, well this year I learned what it meant to stay up the night before Christmas putting together your kid’s Christmas presents. I know it will get more difficult to keep these things a secret as Jamie gets older, and our basement isn’t as scary as the basement I grew up in (I’m fairly certain that’s where my mom hid all our Christmas presents as a kid).

Rob and I got Jamie a super sweet little wooden kitchen from Melissa and Doug. I’ve also been working on felt food, you know the fabric kind, that way when she throws it on the ground it’s not going to bounce off and hit something else, or me, she is definitely into the throw items on the ground and go “uh oh!” We wanted something that she can grow with and that will grow with her. I wanted something that she will use her imagination with, I want my baby to be full of wonder and stories, stories that one day she will hopefully share with us.

I think the best part of Christmas is spending it with family. I love to watch Jamie run around the house following an aunt, uncle or grandparent. She will talk nonstop, not that any of us can actually understand the gibberish coming out of her mouth, but she looks so earnest when she talks that we all can’t help but gibber back. I love being able to share this time with family.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, may it be filled with joy, love and your own families!

Feel free to take a look at how we spent ours.

Snowman figurine on fake snow.

Wisconsin lifestyle photographer, Griffin Photography, life at Christmas.

Family love at the holidays.

Cow jumping over the moon Hallmark ornament hanging on tree.

Little girl playing with her new Christmas toy on the couch.

Mrs. Claus keeping the little one entertained.

Wisconsin lifestyle photographer captures cousins smiling and playing.

.Little boy playing guitar paper jamz.

Appetizers after church laid out on the table with stuffed mushrooms, baked brie, shrimp and pesto pizza.

Pickle roll ups, homemade bread, potstickers and assorted delicous appetizer spread.

Little girl overwhelmed on Christmas.

Little girl kissing her new baby doll.

Toddler playing with the knobs on her Melissa and Doug kitchen playset.

Cross inside the Christmas wreath at church.

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