My gorgeous new Epiphanie bag!

I’m sure you are all thinking that I am spoiled rotten.

I have to agree with you there. Santa came early this year! I have been eying up the Epiphanie bags for quite some time. I am no good at winning contests, so of course my name was never called, no matter how many times I tried to win one of these luscious bags. I have had the same plain ol’ black camera bag since we lived in Minneapolis, and do you know what? We have been home for six years now, so tell me how old my bag is, can ya? But my bag still held up just fine, even if it is not that pretty.

I’ve been leaving Rob notes, like the Epiphanie homepage up on all the computers, just so he could see how pretty they are. He must have been listening, because I received Lola last week, just in time to take her to Thanksgiving dinner and show her off. I love this bag! I can fit all my gear, plus there is room for a little bit extra. I do love my primes so I may need to pick and choose which lenses are coming along for daytrips, but this is so much cuter than my old bag, plus Lola does not scream “I’m carrying expensive camera equipment around!”

When the box arrived, and honestly I do not know how I missed it getting dropped off, but Rob tried to hide it with his jacket. Of course, in big letters on the side it says: Epiphanie. Lol, Rob let me open it up. The funniest part is when I pulled off the paper and we say the lavender inside. Rob said, “that is not the color I ordered” as I exclaim “it’s Lola!” I then told him I knew because Lola’s inside was lavender. It was funnier in person. 😉 Isn’t everything, though?

I am loving my bag, and can not wait for more sessions to be stylin’ it around on!

The sticker holding my new Epiphanie bag closed.

The red Lola Epiphanie bag.

A little note tucked inside a pocket.

The silver camera tag attached to Lola.

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