{wedded bliss} sara + joe’s madison wedding part I

Where do I start about Joe and Sara?

So much love. Joe and Sara’s every little touch brings a smile to my face.

The church was amazing, it had giant origami cranes outside, and was so gorgeous inside!

Even though it was over 100 degrees on their wedding day, they and their awesome wedding party were troopers, especially when we drove down to the capital and found several other bridal parties with the same idea. I do believe that we had the best group, though. Plus, how many other brides can say that the State Street brat man came up to try to steal them away?

Check out the love that Joe and Sara share with every touch, I hope you’ll be as moved as I was.

metal origami bird in front of madison church.

Wedding rings set in flowers.

flower girl's baskets brimming with petals.

bride getting into wedding dress.

flower girl and bridesmaid dancing before the ceremony.

bride and groom at the altar.

pastor reading from text during wedding ceremony.

You may kiss the bride.

happy groom after the wedding ceremony.

bride hugging maid of honor.

wedding rings placed in flowers.

state street brat man trying to steal away the bride.

bridal party at madison wi capital building.

groom holding bride and nuzzling her neck.

bride kissing groom's cheek.

groom being harassed by bridesmaids.

the gorgeous bride seated on cement steps awaiting her formals.

bride and groom kissing and lookin gorgeous.

Of course, you knew I had to end with my very favorite shot, right?!

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  1. Nice work, and the last image is so sweet. 🙂

  2. That ring shot is awesome and looove the first kiss. So sweet 🙂

  3. Great set, what a great couple! I LOVE the last photo… it says so much!

  4. I adore the shots of him and her together, especially the one where he’s holding her up and kissing her! 😀 Awesome work!

  5. VERY cool shots mate.
    Love the hat.

  6. Tom

    Great photo’s there is some real talent there!

    I think the people who visit this page may really make use of this link if you would be so kind to post it http://www.competition-uk.co.uk/competitions-to-come

    Regards Tom

  7. Such happy couples! You did a fantastic job! Thanks for sharing!


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