{Happy Halloween} a night in our life

We love Halloween. Dressing up, finding the perfect costume, dressing Jamie up so she’s the cutest little pumpkin or fairy, or both this year as the case may be, and then getting the house decorated for trick or treaters! We don’t get a lot of kids coming to our door as we are kind of off the beaten path, and perhaps the corpse handing out candy this year scared most of them away so I still have a cauldron full of candy, which is a bad bad thing at our house, but we do have fun getting things set up.

This year, we stole a couple of coffins, had a string of skulls lining the walk, and the creepiest monster/corpse to hand out candy. All right, perhaps Rob really was hiding under that ugly mask, and perhaps Jamie liked to kiss the mask, I know weird kid, right? So while Rob was dressed all creepy with his dad, scaring the kids that came to the house, Jamie and I dressed up as fairies. Yeah, we had awesome wings. I do believe that Jamie was the cutest little fairy in the house. I may be biased, but hey, she’s all mine and I’m allowed to be a little biased, don’t ya think? We did a little walking around ourselves, but really, a fifteen month old does not need any candy in my opinion, so we didn’t go too far before getting cold and coming home to make some awesome nachos and watch the kids come up to our own house.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! Here is just a bit of what went on at our house this evening.

Child dressed as green fairy for Halloween.

Baby girl dressed as Tinkerbell with green wings.

Man dressed as corpse for Halloween with ghoulish mask.

Child dressed as vampire costume.

corpse holding Halloween candy for the kids.

My daughter dressed as a fairy and actually wearing the headband.

Lost soul's tavern Halloween decoration.

Candy surrounding skull for Halloween trick or treaters.

Line of skull lights leading up the front walk to the house.

woman dressed as fairy for Halloween.

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